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Week 4: SEA Archives Reflection

While I was browsing the SEA Archives, the image of a Buddhist shrine (http://seaadoc.lib.uci.edu/display_image.php?ID=hb42900519) resonated with me because it reminds me of my family. 163 more words

Week 4

Week 4: SEA Archive Reflection

While browsing the SEA Archives, I came across a painting titled “Hope of Freedom” (http://seaadoc.lib.uci.edu/display_image.php?ID=hb500005zg) by Quoc Lap Trinh, that I have seen a few times since I was introduced to Project Ngoc and the Southeast Asian Archives last year. 186 more words

Week 4

Week 4 Reflection Post

I chose a picture of Van Tran’s campaign poster. The reason why i chose the campaign add is because it shows the achievement South East Asia refugees have accomplished since their arrival. 110 more words

Week 4

Great News Animal Lovers!

Dearest animal enthusiasts,

I write to you with great news! Our friends over at the The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have formed probably the single-handed greatest thing for animal rights. 310 more words

Week 4


Check out this Chicago Tribune article that documents a recent incident in which a woman was charged in an animal abuse case and must forfeit her horses. 21 more words


Animal Rights Activists Seem to Have it Out for Liam Neeson

A few days ago, animal rights activists were picketing outside of actor Liam Neeson’s home. Click here to read the article and find out why.