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Pick Your Poison

It turns out that I did manage to give myself a bit of food poisoning from the hot-pot last night. I’m not throwing up everywhere, but my body seems to be letting me know that some of the meat I ate was in fact undercooked, probably because I didn’t leave it in the pot for long enough. 736 more words


Phase 1: What is the Problem

My Topic: Cost of Textbooks

Explanation of the Problem: The cost of textbooks on MSU’s campus is much too expensive for a student’s budget. Many students complain about the high prices and low buy-back rates. 451 more words

Week 4

Lauren Williams Framing Question Assignment

Full name: Lauren Williams

Topic: Intramural Athletic Buildings

Explanation of the Problem: With a student body of almost 50,000, Michigan State University’s intramural athletic facilities have become overcrowded. 662 more words

Week 4