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Rejection #20 The Instant Date

One night I had a great idea: why wait until the weekend to go on a date with a girl… when you can go on one instantly? 118 more words

Week 4

Rejection 19 "Can I put my # in your phone?"

Hey! Can I put my number in your phone? Oh you have a boyfriend? K, cool I was trying to get rejected anyway….

And so we continue with week 4. 124 more words


Rejection 18 Hold Hands with a Stranger

Yes you read that right. Why on earth would I do this? Because this is the week of doing crazy stuff to people on campus! Oh right, cool. 463 more words


Rejection #17 Success Magazine

I’m back at it again. Today’s rejection challenge is in the professional category and is much unlike what the rest of the ones this week will be. 359 more words


Environmental influences on performing

The environment can have a big impact on the way a script is delivered to a camera. For example, when delivering a piece to camera in a studio it is a quiet environment with minimal distractions allowing for full concentration. 162 more words

Week 4

News script re-recording and reflection

When re-recording my news script, I went back through the SBS recording and marked the type of inflections used by the newsreader to deliver a strong grab. 131 more words

Week 4

Brain Balance

First moth assessment

Issues with homework

Friends birthday party – sugar !

On Monday we had our first month assessment We did it a week earlier since the program director was leaving for a vacation the following week- we really did not care that it was done earlier. 411 more words

Week 4