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English subtitles for Japanese Ghosts

While searching for Japanese ghost videos on YouTube I came across the above show. It seems to be a sort of reality TV show where they get people to watch a series of viral ghost videos and get their reactions. 283 more words

Match Report - Saints vs Baltimore Ravens

With roster spots still up for grabs, the majority of starters watched on as the Saints fell in frustrating style, 22-13 at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. 433 more words

New Orleans Saints

TV North Korea - A life threating experience

Watching TV in North Korea appears to be a mix between propaganda and old western style TV programing. The programming is dictated by the State and all programs are made with the communist doctrine imbedded in it. 380 more words

Ouran High School Host Club... again.

SourceFedNerd has a segment called “Anime Club” hosted by two people, one who loves anime and one who hasn’t seen much or any anime, and they talk about their experience with watching the show. 383 more words

Thursday - 8/28

Today we went over the vocab sentences from yesterday and also did more vocab practice in Quizlet. Remember, the link to Quizlet is in the “Resources” tab of this blog. 35 more words

Week 4

Thailand - Making Horror holistic

Right on the edge of the peripheral I found a message board that presents a forum for New Thai Horror films. This is a space for anyone to discuss specifically new Thai horror films they’ve seen or hope to see soon. 427 more words