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Week 9 Fantasy LCS Quick Hits

CRS did it for fantasy owners in a big way. Starting a single CRS player could have possibly swung a match-up the other way. It is a good time to remind fantasy owners that you cannot predict what will happen in any given game. 456 more words

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day 44 - saturday

Since I’ll be leaving a day early next week (last week of working!), I’m making up my hours today. Today is the first day after our workshops finished. 63 more words

Week 9

day 43 - friday

Today is the last day of our workshop! I had a great time, and it was awesome to see how much the teachers learned over the course of two weeks. 34 more words

Week 9

day 42 - thursday

The teachers spent the morning finishing up their worlds.

During lunch, I took a couple of teachers to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

In the afternoon, the some of the teachers presented their lesson plans – some of them are really impressive!

Week 9

day 41 - wednesday

Professor Rodger had to give a talk in Greensboro so Samantha, Yossra and I are in charge for today until lunch. We went over the Changing Camera Views tutorial and they seemed to get it pretty well. 57 more words

Week 9

Week 9 Fantasy LCS Positional Rankings and Match-up Analysis

Rankings for the week factors in prior performance, strength of schedule, match-ups, and also arbitrary inclinations. Use as a guide when setting your lineups. Good luck!  1,390 more words
League Of Legends

day 40 - tuesday

Majority of the day was spent on lesson plans. We did the Repetition Everywhere tutorial and most of the teachers were able to do them by themselves. 92 more words

Week 9