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Week Fifteen

Tuesday April 29 • Day 28

I have Office Hours today, in the library, usual place.

DUE TODAY, by classtime: E-4, Assignment #2, as a Google Doc.  334 more words

Week Fifteen

Apr 14- Apr 20

This week we presented Project 5 and then had an in-class work session for our Project 6 coding.

We had to decide which of our previous projects we wanted to code and either start working, or take the time to ask questions about any bugs or errors during the rest of the class period.

Week Fifteen

From Sky: A Response to Week Fifteen's Response

I too believe.

I think nothing is more relevant than this write up done by u/murdahmamurdah, a HHH mod, that was posted this week.
Stuck off the Realness: The Changing Role and Character of the MC. 189 more words

Week Fifteen

From 'Cole: A Response to Week Fifteen's Response

“There’s been a lot of talk over the last year or two about conflict between G.O.O.D. Music and Young Money and Cash Money. I just wanted to put it to bed and create an eventful moment where me and Wayne being Young Money/Cash Money on one team, Q-Tip and Kanye be on another movement on G.O.O.D.

223 more words
Week Fifteen

From 'Cole: Week Fifteen Response

I have to say, I do believe.

There’s something very cinematic about this guy (I mean, his life is very movie-script-like). Lyrically he very skillfully reminds me that hip hop is a medium for telling stories, which I really like. 141 more words

Week Fifteen

From Sky: Week Fifteen Response

Bus-a-Bus. Yeeeahhh!

The first thing I gotta say about “Thank You” is props to Busta on producing! This is a real sick beat. That sample is pure ecstasy to my ears! 536 more words

Week Fifteen

From 'Cole: Week Fifteen - New Moves Week

“Clever girl.”
-Jurassic Park

When this track dropped last year a lot of people said it was wack…but I think it’s cleverer than most gave it credit for. 32 more words

Week Fifteen