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Week in Pictures #5

#1 I like to watch beauty/fashion/daily vlogs whilst I get ready or before I study so I feel more motivated. Is that weird? (especially sunbeamsjess… 501 more words

Week in iPhotos 46 of 52

*One of the pictures my friend Shea took of TNT and I.  *CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! *A cute thank you I receive from a 4H kid. *Sonic has made himself right at home between TNT and I on the bed. 95 more words

Week In Pictures

Week in photos #3 -Anniversary dinner

This last week was a lot quieter then my previous weeks, which was a nice rest. I do like being social but somethings it’s good to just do nothing or very little at all. 486 more words


Week in Pictures #4

             My favourite brand of instant noodles. 

Picking out presents.

Questionable hot chocolate art…

I wish we had Korean weather over here so I can dress androgynous like this. 249 more words

Weeks in iPhotos 44 & 45

And just like that it’s been two weeks since I last posted.

I am right smack dab in the middle of harvest here at work. I put in 56 hours last week.   425 more words

Week In Pictures

Week in photos #2 - The glow in the dark drink.

I thought the first “week in photos” post was an unusually busy week but last week was also very busy.

This week’s post begins on Tuesday, because I included Monday in last weeks post. 316 more words

Week in photos #1- Phew. What a busy week.

When my blog was over on blogspot, I used to do a “my week in photos” kinda post.  I’ve wanted to bring it back for a while now. 193 more words