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Week 1 - Sign up for Instagram

Welcome to my epic first week! The ever-so-daunting task of signing up for Instagram!!

Yeah, I know it’s no big deal.  In fact most people probably think I live under some weird rock for not already having it. 82 more words


Week One: Muse Version

Adobe Muse CC

2014.0 Release


2014.0.1.30, CL 785017

File Format: 264

Copyright 2011-2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

Week One

The first of many days.

     Today is my first day of my diet and exercise. Day one started off with me waking up feeling miserable, a stuffy nose and a numb hand. 402 more words

Week One.

The Diet. The Exercise.

So far I have not started my diet. Nor have I started the exercise. I plan on starting tomorrow, and tonight I will plan my meal(s) and what I will do for exercise. 225 more words

Week One.

What I want to be.

At first glance in a full length mirror I see what others see me as. I have no shape to my body, I’m a blob with stubby fat arms and legs. 103 more words

Week One.

Who I am.

My name is unimportant, but who I am and what I’m about to do is. I am over weight, by most likely 250 pounds over weight. 137 more words

Week One.

Week One: Website Analysis 1

Portfolio site #1: http://www.judystuhmer.com/

  • What kind of navigation do they have? A bottom, right-hand corner under designer’s name (logo?) with a drop shadow under the three categories and a blue line that appears when scrolling over category.
  • 434 more words
Week One