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Things are looking up!

So, this is day three and I think I’ve done very well! I didn’t consume multiple bowls of soup or crave cookies! In fact, I was a little less hungry and managed to stick to my guns and demand a salad-centered lunch spot when my friend asked me to go to lunch. 293 more words

Eat To Live

5k Race Update: Week One

Hi Folks,

Here’s an update of my training so far…

The Running Plan I’m using to train for my 5k race is the Couch -2 -5k… 816 more words

Race For Life

Day two, a.k.a. is this over yet?

I’m finding out that this thing is harder than I thought! To sum up today, I want cookies and I ate way too many beans. I stayed mostly full, though I was feeling hungry around 11 a.m. 411 more words

Eat To Live

Day one, for real this time

My first OFFICIAL day of my six week Eat to Live plan! I woke up and had some delicioso (spanish for delicious, obv.) strawberries and grapes, along with iced coffee. 531 more words

Eat To Live

Day one, sort of

Well, Saturday was the day I started my Eat to Live journey. I happened to stumble across it as I was searching for something along the lines of “lose weight in 10 days.” You laugh, but this girl has a bridesmaid’s dress to squeeze into in 3 weeks! 545 more words

Eat To Live

Bold venture!

Reading project..

Is there any of you that have a problem finishing a book and quitting half way through?  I do!

So, I started a blog with a bold mission of reading one book each week, posting through the process and giving my opinion after i finish. 42 more words

Bold Venture

Week 1

What a week! 6 days working, and all day at work on your feet, trying to grasp everything that’s happening around you, in a kitchen where there are only men as kitchen staff, and then trying to make sense of it all.  354 more words