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Whatever people say about your first week abroad, that’s what it’s not

I’m absolutely loving it here; the practically constant sunshine, the coffee and pastries, the bars, my school, the people, the lame little train that does tours around the town, the two-hour long lunch breaks and yesterday i even saw some snow on the mountains (you can tell i’m pretty much from The Shire can’t you?) 982 more words


Week Two: Practical

This was not specified to be written about.

The task was carried out successfully and viewed via the link attached:



Week 2/30

Much like week one, week two asked for 20 mins of cross training and a mile run.

Cross training was completed on Monday – 4.2 miles on the bike. 75 more words

Cross Training

Week Two Practical: Joining Twitter

I registered my Twitter account on July 25th. It was very unusual at first; I wasn’t very sure how to use it or why it was so popular. 92 more words


Week Two Quiz

I thought I was doing okay with this quiz as the answers I chose seemed right to me. However once I reviewed how I went, I discovered I answered four questions incorrectly. 29 more words


Tate Shots - Jim Dine

Tate Shots – Jim Dine  

Jim Dine was born on the 16th June 1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is an American pop artist and had his work included during the birth of American “pop art”. 392 more words


Plan Less, Do More

In the Adventures of Johnny Bunko, we are introduced to six simple career lessons. Yet each one seems to be simple to say, but difficult to do.   301 more words

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