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Ground Rules

Post our activity on Habits of Successful Students these are the Ground Rules our class has decided we should follow to ensure the class remains a happy, enjoyable and successful learning environment: 185 more words

Week 2

Day 9 - Ready for Shot #2

Was told I sounded slightly different over the phone. Yay!

I’m ready for my 2nd shot … feel like I’ve peaked and leveled out a bit. 7 more words


The Importance of Critical Thinking, Reflection

I had not really taken the aspect of critical thinking into consideration before the talk from Dr Kevin Grant, having heard it being mentioned once or another, the more he spoke about the subject, the more I began to realise what it really is, and the importance of being able to critically think and analyse situations to provide better reasoned judgements that are well thought out. 735 more words

Week 2

Consistency Examples

Example One: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is an example of aesthetic consistency. “Coca-Cola prominently feature a consistent script and ribbon device across all their versions of Coca-Cola…” (Gains, 2013). 433 more words

Week Two


“According to the principle of consistency, systems are more usable and learnable when similar parts are expressed in similar ways.” (Lidwell, Holden & Butler, 2003). We see the principle of consistency in our everyday lives. 407 more words

Week Two

UK students to be controlled by breathalyser checks before club entry

By Sonia Rowe 

@soniahzl @kentcollective sr428@canterbury.ac.uk

An alcohol-monitoring scheme may be coming to all UK cities after a pilot scheme has been introduced in Loughborough to stop student’s heavy drinking habits. 337 more words


Westgate Hall opening to be delayed?

by Rebecca Parker

@kentcollective @MagpieCM rebeccaparker93@gmail.com

Westgate Hall’s opening may be stalled due to problems with reverberating sound.

The hall is set to open next Friday (24) but has faced issues regarding sound. 249 more words