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Week 2 - Research(example)

Adobe software
Arizona (Globe)
Earth Colors (greens, blues)
Clean and crisp design
Helvetia Nue (light)
Educational (tutorials)
Job design… 91 more words

Intro Graphic/Web Design

My Experience of Dark Water "Honogurai mizu no soko kara"

Last Friday I was invited to go and experience my friends’ new home theatre room. Armed with a six-pack of James Boags, an armful of Thai food and my bright yellow fox onesie, I was ready for a long night of thrilling theatre.  446 more words

Week 2 | Research Assignment

Use your brain and the internet to find/record the following information:

  1. Brainstorm everything you know about your client; like colors, related themes, audience, etc. (make a list of at least 15 items)
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Intro Graphic/Web Design

Portal To Any Time


I wonder sometimes, how my brother survives, living on what he earns from his ‘art’- scribblings of words and pictures. I asked him about it once, and he laughed at me. 352 more words

Week Two

Week Two

No current assignments for week two.

Week 2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

The visual content shared on Full Sail’s Pinterest is varied. There are pictures that are from students’ work, photos of special guests that visit the campus and a mix of miscellaneous that may strike the interest of everyone from geeks to artists. 378 more words

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