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Mentor Monday - quotes to get you through the week

I might be just a little in love with quotes, I use them for everything, backgrounds, inspiration, motivation, writing in the sides of my notebooks. For the first  88 more words


It Happened On a Tuesday

I’ve often said Tuesday is the most unappreciated day of the week.

Think about it: Monday gets a lot of bad press because everybody dreads it – but at least they… 757 more words


When you started to learn something.

It’s been quite a few months since my life went to a downward spiral, but now, everything is pretty much doing well. I mean, I am now enjoying my life, simply because I learned how to live simple.  249 more words



The days when i work has easily taken over as the days i dislike the most in a week.

For now i dislike Saturdays and Mondays because those days are when i have lots of stuff to do. 280 more words


4th Year 1st Sem Photo Diary – Week 5

Hooray for a right on time post. I didn’t do anything this weekend (much to my dismay) so I’ll be cramming (again!) tonight. Might as well post something while I’m it. 83 more words


Mother may Gabie : Lisbon 03

 Waistcoat | Primark

Cycling Shorts | Monki

Tshirt | MTWTF Weekdays (from berlin?)

Shoes | Primark

Loving these cycling shorts, I brought them ages ago but kind of forgot about them tbh. 88 more words


Jaha då va man solo, gräsänka “Ensam hemma” 

Ganska trist och rätt så ensamt, men jag ska fokusera på att försöka njuta av egentid och framförallt promota vår kommande katalog som strax ligger “het” i tryckpressen :) och sen får jag ju… 211 more words