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The Best of.... Tel Aviv

I’ve just got back from the lovely city of Tel Aviv. Definitely one of the best weekend-breaks, especially given that there is only 3,5h flight from Moscow. 673 more words


The Animals came in Two by Two...

Part 2 of my weekend adventuring in Botley begins at 7am in a swelteringly hot hotel room. The radiator had, disastrously, been and left on overnight. 576 more words

I Like To Travel

Time With Friends... Pt 2

Wednesday 9th April

We left Morn Hill around 10:40 and set off for The Old Oaks, F & R following in their motor home. Somewhere along the route we caught up with a police escorted wide load and for around 40 minutes remained at a slow steady speed which didn’t do much for our MPG!. 1,656 more words


Time out. A weekend in Botley

A weekend away can do wonders. I absolutely adore London and right now wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else, but that’s not to say I don’t sometimes wish to get away and breathe in some fresh, country air. 646 more words


Hello, and how is everyone on this fine sunny day? Typical opening line, but the weather is actually very lovely outside!
Apologies for not posting in a while, I have been away! 311 more words

No kids allowed!

So, after a LOT of hmmmm-ing and haaa-ing (you know what I mean!!) and a LOT of persuasion from the hubster, we went away for a little night on our own!!!!! 298 more words

Cultural highlights of a weekend in Barcelona and round up of the big sights

Nestled between the Mediterranean and the Serra de Collserola hills lies Barcelona, the ‘second capital’ of Spain and Catalonia’s biggest city. This vibrant and dynamic city, which is steeped in history, is a prevalent tourist destination as it offers such an array of culture, nature and fun. 623 more words