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Phuket life; Phuket weekend market

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but since we have been living in Phuket I have never been to the Phuket Weekend Market. I can make up many excuses, like the fact that Ruben was always working on the weekend, or that I didn’t know where to find it, but that would be a little too easy on myself. 476 more words


Foodies Market - Sydney

Foodies Market – The Rocks, Sydney

Have you ever visited a food market? Well, such weekly markets,cater to selling fresh food, in a relaxed setting under the sun. 219 more words

Fresh Market Narratives (13)

Pasarbella Food Market, Singapore

Fresh fruits and veggies, delicatessens, meat and seafood markets, wines and craft beers, desserts of all shapes and sizes, food stalls offering treats from various parts of the globe, and a fancy cheese shop– Pasarbella would definitely make anybody who has an appetite go bonkers.


Greenfield Weekend Market: Manila, Philippines

I’ve been counting the days. I have been living here for exactly 35 days now and although Manila is still far from being one of my favorite cities, I think we’re slowly making progress. 339 more words


African Indigo

Strip woven cloth from Burkina Faso


Oh You Cheeky Bangkok

It’s hot. Damn hot. And the sweat starts to trickle down our foreheads as the shirt on our back slowly glues itself to our skin. Nice. 883 more words