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Dress for success - Travel

For most of us living in climate regions with cold winters, winter travel to warmer regions is a challenge. For an Alaskan it would mean schlepping a down coat around in Hawaii or Mexico, for instance, just because it is 40 below upon leaving or it might be that cold upon coming back. 679 more words

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Another thing to know about Alaska

Ok, Alaska is a place everybody wants to visit to see the aurora, because of the stories about the gold rush, because of movies like “Into the Wild” or “North to Alaska”, because of Disney’s Uncle Scrooge’s having made his first million there, because of the glaciers, wildlife and wilderness, its harsh climate, you name it. 512 more words

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Having fun over 40


I hope you had as much fun scrolling thru the photos as we had fun when taking them. This is not the end of fashion fun. 176 more words

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Voodoo Vixen holiday dress - Review

As you know, I am a passionate dancer and always on the search for a perfect dress for our next performance. Thus, I got really excited when I was asked by Robin to review one of the modern retro-inspired holiday dresses from… 794 more words

Weekend Outfit

Why light is pink in Alaska in winter

In December and January, the daylight in Interior Alaska is salmon pink. Thus, when you see an OOTD photo shot at that time of the year on a clear day, it looks like someone applied a kitschy filter or like you are looking thru pink colored shades. 527 more words

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Dear readers,

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving has its roots deep in the American history going back to the first settlers who arrived with the Mayflower. Since America celebrates Thanksgiving today I would like to express my deep thanks to all of my readers – the ones who follow me, the silent ones of whom I know they exist when I look at my statistics, and the ones who email me comments, questions and/or suggestions that help improve this blog. 265 more words

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Four Looks for a Fun Night Out

It’s the weekend.  You may be debating what outfit to wear to the bar tonight, or out on your date.  But have no fear because I have four options that will satisfy your craving.   187 more words