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Traditional marketing is undergoing significant transformation. In this edited interview, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed discusses a new breed of marketing organisation and his strategic plan to double the firm’s revenue while halving its environmental impact. Read more. 

Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Some dream it, some do it, some do both….

Read how Natalie Hush’s character makes her way through a series of strange situations at her work places, training and relationships  to finally make her dreams come true. 11 more words


Articles to Read for July 11-13

Hello Awesome Readers,

This weekend, I will be volunteering with Kiki Magazine for the Kiki Live 2.0. Tickets may still be available so click here for more information… 94 more words


The Perfect Weekend Retreat

I plan on curling up with a cup of coffee and a nice long book this weekend. How about you?


Articles to Read for June 13-15

This weekend,  I am off with to visit some “Ohio Expats” in Indiana. They are pretty intelligent people, so I have to keep abreast of things happening in Science. 87 more words


Articles to Read for June 6-8

At the end of each week, I will be giving you a collection of articles to read. So that when you go to work on Monday and are around the water cooler or if you have to create small talk at a party this weekend, you won’t be strapped for topics. 72 more words



This week’s weekend read takes us on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of power in the old City of London, as The Guardian’s Stephen Moss goes deep into enemy territory to try to understand the culture and history of “The City”. 74 more words

Weekend Read