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Scoops, Sweat but No Sprinkles

What does it say about your weekend when it begins with 12 miles? And is followed up with lots of free ice cream and plenty of good company? 672 more words


Rome... Patheon, Pasta, Piazzas and Prosecco

Roma… the origin of gladiators and freshly baked pasta. I still can’t believe the first time I visited Italy was only a couple of years ago – having travelled virtually everywhere else in the world, there are many countries in Europe which I have neglected. 601 more words

Weekend Travel

Running on Not Quite Empty

How is it Monday already? Surely this weekend should have lasted longer than my three-day cleanse!

Alas, guess it is back to work today. Fortunately for me, my three days of juicing did not put a damper on my Saturday and Sunday; on the contrary, it was the busy weekend and there were no unfortunate side effects of the… 509 more words


Retirement Living, in Phoenix

May is over.

So is June.

Do you know what that means?

I’m supposed to have gone somewhere glamorous from my “Monday’s Mumbles” post by now! 412 more words

Finding out why Szeged is 'So Good.'

An early morning train to Szeged was Saturday’s destination. Arriving at Nyuagati, I found long lines and a ticking clock so I thought I’d miss my train. 448 more words

A Quirky Parade

For many, the plump red-breasted robin pecking away in their backyard signals the definite arrival of spring. But for the residents of Stratford (Ontario) spring doesn’t arrive until a bevy of fluffy feathered swans and geese usher in the new season in a parade along the banks of the Avon river. 477 more words


Submerging in the beauty of High Deserts of Southeast Oregon

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Hotel: $142 ($45×2+$52, Sleep Inn, Bend and Super 8, Baker City)
Car Rental: $252 (four days, luxurious Ford Expedition 4×4 for 6 people) 511 more words

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