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Good morning!

Start the day with positive thoughts :) After all, it’s almost the weekend!


Happy Thursday!

Being totally honest – I have my last test at Auburn today (!!!!!!!!!!!) and I’m pretty brain dead. A few random things…

Okay literally I am so obsessed with this ring that I’m actually jealous of anyone who has put it on their finger. 231 more words


It's My Friday

And I have big plans this weekend.

Considering I am a mom who has grown up a lot since my twenties, big plans mean something much different than it did even as few as five years ago. 278 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

Kelis - Runnin (Machinedrum remix)

It is that time of the week again! I’ve got a lot of time for Kelis, she’s a fantastic artist with such a unique voice. Her new album “food” is out very soon and I can’t wait to get my filthy little fingers on it but until that time I have been getting a lot of enjoyment out of the machinedrum remix of the song “Runnin”. 22 more words


Awesome Daily #15: Long weekends

It still feels weird everytime you do it, but still: Being able to say “See you next week!” or “Enjoy your weekend” on a Thursday is pretty awesome! 148 more words

Awesome Daily

Good Night

I feel so sleepy
And so yawny and dozy
And you, little bed,
Look so lovely and cosy!
I’ll soon be cuddled
Beneath your sheets, 57 more words