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Wedding Anniversary

Sunday we will be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary. Seriously, I don’t know where the time went!?

What they say is true, “time flies when you’re having fun!” But do you know what else they say? 146 more words


daily prompt: saturday night

Oh, what the heck! There’s no work the next day. Here–spoon for you and one for me. Now, which episode of ‘Sex and the City’ have we not seen?

Weekend(ing) My Way

“Hey, what plans for this weekend?” – Well, apparently this is the question that makes me so annoyed every single frigging week. My answer to this question has always remained “nah, nothing special”. 426 more words


Nero rapport on Ivanić city adventure and Kezele eco estate

She is getting ready running around the house preparing this and that. Man she can walk fast. Any hu, by rucksack is ready and her we go. 259 more words

Cities In The Inland

Timspirational Weekend: Encouragement, Oxygen to the Soul

Kind words are never wasted.  In times of difficulty and even when the sun is bright shining.  We all could do with some words of encouragement.  256 more words


Good good Friday

Good Friday is a strange day in a not particularly religious household. You find yourselves with an extra day off and it’s not really a day for celebrating but it may as well be a family day seeing as you’re all off together. 207 more words