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Sunday Brunch @ Home

Sunday brunch at home after a day of training, working out ourselves and running errands. Veggies & fruit fresh from the farmers market! Mimosa cocktails made with prosecco, gluten free vodka and fresh squeezed OJ. 158 more words

Behind The Scenes


Sitting by Erie -
Waves crashing, wind in the trees ~
She’s deep in her book.


Give Me Eternal Sundays

It was hot as tin, the air heavy with the suggestion of moisture.

The tease of rain.

We sat for a moment asking when the babies were due, discussing new jobs and laughing about something that some people got, but everyone laughed about. 114 more words

Blog- The Daily Hoofprint

A TV-kind of day

I always feel I little bit bad when the Block watches TV. All I ever hear is how you shouldn’t let your child watch too much TV, problem is: Cbeebies just have so many good programs ;-) 182 more words



They say that being busy is a good thing. That means that there’s work to be done, because having work means getting paid. Yeaaaaa, I  253 more words



London, then Rome.

I was in Rome for a week, and it was amazing! Having stayed in London for a week before that and adapting the chilly weather, Rome was a tad warm. 92 more words