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LOGO #4 is here. The end...

Well, that’s it. LOGO is over, drifting into the ether as a vague clue for a horrific upcoming myster…wait, what? Did I just say that? Sorry, ignore it, nothing to see here, folks. 12 more words


JavaGirl's Life in the comics.

*Just a quick message to my new subscribers*

Hello darlings,

A great big hug to you! Thanks for wanting to know what is happening in my life and subscribing. 453 more words

Hey, LOGO #3 is now here

As promised, LOGO #3 is up, continuing the weirdness.

Next week’s the last strip, so stay tuned.


Punk Snot Dead

Next month (April 7th) Alby’s back ¬†with debatable oral histories concerning a certain well known bard in Bill Shake’s Pear…

Alby Figgs