When you look for angles you find them everywhere!  I decided to interpret the weekly photo challenge ‘angular’ literally and find things to photograph that have angles but of course was also sidetracked by nature and got a little creative with the fennel photos. 227 more words



For my daughter’s fourteenth birthday, she wanted an “art party”. She told me, it would be a small gathering of five teenagers. I was comfortable with the idea, but neither me nor her could think of what the girls could do.

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Weekly Photo Challenge


What disassembly will do to perfect right angles.

Weekly Photo Challenge–Angular: “Not to put too fine a point on it, though this week, we challenge you to show us what ‘angular’ means to you.” 43 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular


Here’s a photo of the underside of the gazebo rooftop at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario. I thought the circles and angles were an interesting combination. 27 more words