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Acharei Mot (After death)

So sorry this is a day late- It has been a hectic week, and I extended my shabbat rest well into the wee morning hours of today, enjoying “The Book Thief” (a phenomenal movie which takes place in Nazi Germany-TEAR JERKER ALERT!) with the fan, and looking through pictures for my next few projects. 65 more words

Weekly Torah Parashah

No Empty Spaces

By Rivki Levy
Class of 2016

Parshas Tazria

So much has been lost to us since the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash.  Tumah and taharah… 664 more words

Jewish Philosophy

Sweeter than Honey

By Rachel Somorov
Class of 2015

Parshas Vayikra

After the drama of the Exodus, the splitting of the sea, revelation at Sinai, and the sin of the Golden Calf — and after the intricate details relating to the construction of the mishkan — the Torah now introduces the different korbanos (offerings) that form the essence of divine service. 851 more words

Jewish Philosophy

True Gratitude

Parshas Pekudei

The contributions were enough … and there was extra (Shemos 36:7).

This week’s parsha continues the narrative of the mishkan, beginning with an accounting of all the materials donated by the Jewish people.   483 more words


Turning Copper into Gold

By Merav Munk
Class of 2015

Parshas Pekudei

As the Torah continues its description of Mishkan in this week’s parsha, we find an accounting of all the materials gathered by the Jewish people in response to Moshe’s request for donations of gold, silver and copper.  413 more words

Jewish Philosophy

It’s not my job -- or is it?

By Rabbi Yonason Goldson

Parshas Vayakhel

And Moshe said to B’nei Yisroel:  “See, Hashem has proclaimed by name Betzalel ben Uri ben Hur of the tribe of Yehudah… to perform every craft of design” (Shemos 35:30-33). 353 more words


Two Tablets, One Torah

By Tali Kay
Class of 2015

Parshas Vayakhel

He made two Cheruvim of gold–hammered out did he make them-from the two ends of the cover: one Cheruv from the end at one side and one Cheruv from the end at the other; from the cover did he make the Cheruvim, from its two ends. 463 more words

Jewish Philosophy