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Parsha Masei: It's about the Journey

 :וַיִּכְתֹּב משֶׁה אֶת מוֹצָאֵיהֶם לְמַסְעֵיהֶם עַל פִּי יי וְאֵלֶּה מַסְעֵיהֶם לְמוֹצָאֵיהֶם במדבר לג:ב

Moses recorded the starting points for their journeys as directed by G‽D. 561 more words


Weekly Torah Commentary -- NASO May 30, 2014

Numbers/Bamidbar 4:21 – 7:89

One of the highlights of Parshat Naso is the Priestly Blessing. The text of this blessing, which the Kohanim (priests) bestow upon the Jewish people, concludes, … 515 more words

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