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פרשת ויצא - נפילת האסימון

השבוע אנחנו קוראים את פרשת “ויצא”, אחת הפרשות העשירות ביותר בתורה כולה. הסצנה המפורסמת ביותר בפרשה, שקיבלה ביטוי אומנותי ככל הנראה במאות ציורים ופסלים, היא “סולם יעקב”.

Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat Vayetze: I GOT IT MOMENTS!

What differentiates a great idea from a possible reality?

Read how and why  the emblematic should find you with your feet on the ground!

 This week we read Parashat “Vayetze”, one of the richest portions in the whole Torah. 915 more words


Jacob's Journey of Deceit

At the onset of this week’s portion, we find ourselves with a new protagonist, Jacob (lit. the usurper) so named because he is born with “his hand grasping the heel of Esau” (Genesis 25:26.)* This name encapsulates his essence, as Samson Raphael Hirsch explains “He allows Esau the precedence, but follows at his heels, he is just that…the lesser one, the weaker one, who unexpectedly will finally be the first.” This is the great destiny of Jacob, yet it comes with peril, as the root of his name means also “to do unexpected harm to someone, to outwit.” This trait has manifested itself twice already, as Jacob has used guile to take from his brother, Esau. 2,143 more words


Weekly Torah Commentary - Vayetzei November 27, 2014

Genesis 28:10 – 32:3

“And God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her, and opened her womb. And she became pregnant and she bore a son, and she said God has gathered in my disgrace. 444 more words

Weekly Torah Commentary

@Unscrolled - #Toldot #BigQuestions

I asked my congregation to read Parshat Toldot, and come up with some Big Questions. Here are some of the questions from them, which I plan to use tomorrow at our New Member Shabbat as material for discussion. 615 more words


Parashat Toldot: Seguera hereditaria, nuestros Patriarcas al divan!

Ésta es la historia de Isaac el hijo de Abraham, Abraham “concibió” a Isaac.

Asi empieza parashat Toldot, la porción semanal de la torah que relata de la historia de vida de Isaac. 1,476 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

פרשת תולדות: שרשרת של עיוורון, אבותינו בטיפול!

“ואלה תולדות יצחק בן אברהם, אברהם הוליד את יצחק” – כך מתחילה פרשות “תולדות”. הפרשה שתעסוק בסיפור חייו של יצחק אבינו. אבל היא בעצם פותחת בסדרת סיפורי יעקב, מי שיהיה “אב-העל” שלנו והוא הדמות המדוברת ביותר בחומש בראשית. 12 more words

Weekly Torah Portion