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Travel theme: Numbers

I saw a shop window today that had a digital display counting down to Christmas 2014 in 61 days 15 hours 29 minutes 15 seconds.  While I’m  sure the intended effect was to throw shoppers into a spending frenzy, it just made me wonder how many photos of numbers I had taken on my travels. 259 more words


Travel theme: Broken

Noooo! My trusty little car that so bravely clambered the heights of Mount Leinster made a noise today that it shouldn’t have made and stopped working. 304 more words


Travel Theme: Interior

This post is written for the latest weekly travel themes post by Where’s my backpack and is all about interiors.

I started looking through all of my old photos and found a couple that I think stand out as interesting interior photos.  203 more words


Travel theme: Interior

After marvelling at the interior artwork of ancient tombs I went looking for other fascinating interiors I’ve explored on my travels. Hidden behind an unprepossessing exterior in the heart of Washington DC, I found an extraordinary… 255 more words


Travel theme: Bountiful

Fresh from revelling in the bounty of Ireland’s autumnal hedgerows, I decided to take a look at some other bountiful moments on my travels. 190 more words