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Possibly knowing that you could never find it again

“…the fishes swam into his hand, and he took them out of the water; he pulled the woodchuck out of its hole by the tail, and took the foxes under his protection from the hunters.

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Travel theme: Autumn

This evening’s sunset (October 31st) marks the start of Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival that waves farewell to the harvest season and prepares for the darker half of the year – but more about that in my next post. 324 more words


Travel Broadens the What?

“Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind”
– Ernest Hemingway
Linked to Weekend Travel Inspiration.

Travel theme: Numbers

I saw a shop window today that had a digital display counting down to Christmas 2014 in 61 days 15 hours 29 minutes 15 seconds.  While I’m  sure the intended effect was to throw shoppers into a spending frenzy, it just made me wonder how many photos of numbers I had taken on my travels. 259 more words