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New books! Language Arts news...

The last few weeks have been a blur of reading, writing, grades, and discussing! Since grades went home, parents and students should have a good idea about areas of strength and areas of focus for the second semester. 562 more words

Weekly Wrap

Thursday Thoughts: Week 2

This week I’ve been in full swing- email, posting, writing, conversing with second-semester seniors who are in that “OMG I AM ABOUT TO GRADUATE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY LIFE” panic mode, doing my daily day-to-day activities, and living the dream. ¬† 698 more words


Welcome back! Language Arts news for January!

¬†Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break! I definitely did– loved spending time with family and getting out to my parents’ place in the country for a bit, and also ringing in the new year watching the fireworks here in the city! 443 more words

Weekly Wrap

Essays, essays, essays! Language Arts Wrap!

In Language Arts recently, we’ve been talking a lot about essays. We’re thinking about structure, paragraphing, what makes a strong argument, how to analyze quotes and examples, the purpose of “hooks” at the beginning and end of an essay, the best way to integrate and introduce examples with explanations, and how to gather our thoughts up in a neat bundle of clearly chosen words! 369 more words

Weekly Wrap