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It lives to destroy peace


In the dark blueness of morning it waits. Poised staring, an infinite depth to its glare, it waits from some strategic vantage point…a predator. This sinister hunter waits for the weak, those wearied by the late night before, or those who stayed too long at the gym, or those bothered by the symptoms of heartburn, or those unable to sympathize a fussy child, or those suffering the one day alcohol induced flu. 168 more words

Costume Time!

Hello! Adriana here!

SO I know this isn’t a writing related post but this is also a blog run by two Nerd Girls so this post was bound to happen eventually… 1,654 more words


Now Dr. Who is back.....

Now that the summer holidays are well and truly a blurred memory and we all feel like we are back to normal, I may just share a bit about the costumes I made for my family to dress up as Doctor Who characters last June! 65 more words

Weeping Angel

Sitting and thinking, her eyelids begin to droop

Thinking of another time, a different place

Someone holding her bruised and broken face.

Her face is stained with tears as she searches through the crowd… 94 more words


The Clock Strikes Twelve!!!!

I came home late this evening. Darkness had already fallen and charcoal clouds churned across the sky against a new moon. My loved ones had left the light on for me so I could see to get into my home. 254 more words

Steel Chronicles

Weeping Angel in Metairie Cemetery

The Metairie Cemetery just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana has an interesting story associated with how it came to be. Historically (as in the mid 1800s) this land was used to build a horse racing track and it became one of the premier clubs/tracks in the country – so much so that it started to keep people out of it. 204 more words