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K-9, Don't Blink!

Got two more Doctor Who capsules to add to the lonely Weeping Angel, but got another Weeping Angel in the end. But overall, I’m very happy that I got the exclusive K-9! 11 more words


New Chokers -- Small TARDIS, Weeping Angel, and Plague Doctor

The sad thing about these new chokers is that I have only 2 of each of them. The cool thing is that they are ready to ship — order now (with Priority shipping) and you’ll have it for Christmas! 24 more words

Time And Relative Dimension In Surprise

I found a cute little capsule machine in a newsagency I usually never go into. I stopped in my track when I saw they had a… 57 more words


Whovian holidays

Yesterday, this happened:

Yes, that is a Weeping Angel tree topper, courtesy of Etsy. (Hey, BBC, if you’re watching, I tried to buy an official licensed version but it was discontinued too fast. 83 more words


Christmas Season

Yes, it’s that time of year again. I must admit that I’m sorely lacking in Christmas spirit this year. I don’t think it’s the lack of snow but it could be, one never knows. 208 more words


Home Again

So this week I made the return trip to my Florida house. The one that contains my husband the Mr and my lovely Brindle. As it turns out I managed to get on the road just in time before the… 265 more words


The Villains of Dr Who

Everyone and their┬ámother loves Dr Who ever since it’s come to the mainstream as of recent. While the Dr is usually lovable and fantastical,┬áthere are times when the villains are just as pivotal as characters too. 171 more words