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Weeping Angel - Mask, Wig and Sleeves

Hopefully this one will be a little shorter!

The mask. I wanted to sculpt it myself like Penwiper and Kilayi but ultimately I ran out of time. 971 more words

Weeping Angel - The Wings and Harness

If you’re interested, dress instructions are here.

On to the wings. The wings are tricky. The front and back are different, and you need a way for them to attach, while looking like everything is one piece of stone. 1,423 more words

Weeping Angel - The Dress

I’ve had a few work in progress requests, so are you ready? here we go!

For the dress I’m afraid I don’t have a huge amount of detailed pictures, as I was sort of fumbling through it. 1,519 more words

Comic Con 2014

Sorry for the neglect, every spare second of the last few weeks has been channeled into making my costume for Comic Con, and I was seriously worried it wouldn’t get done. 615 more words

Writing, Reading and Crafts

It’s apparent that I love to write. I love the power of words, the joy of finding the perfect word, and I really love vocabulary. Another hobby of mine, which I feel bleeds everywhere is crafting. 237 more words


Classic Item - Don't Blink Patch

This patch bears the image of a Weeping Angel, so be careful — that which bears the image of an Angel becomes an Angel. And don’t forget — don’t blink! 13 more words

Don't Blink, Ken... Or The Weeping Barbie Will Get You

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959, but never before have they been this terrifying. decided to kick the creepy factor up a notch by modifying some poor, defenseless Barbie dolls into… 305 more words

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