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'Laced in thought'

The colourless collection:

Working with a mono-filament warp, adding lace and mercerised cotton for weft.

Monochrome concept

keeping it sophisticated and classical, black and white movie-esque.

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In the beginning

I remember looking up babywearing, babywearing Ireland, babywearing facebook pages and being totally overwhelmed at the vast array of terms, designs, fabrics etc…..

So this is where I’ll start! 574 more words



Where warp will cross the weft to make
A sett or sequence of
Threads that conjoin to then produce
The tartans that we love
From Blackwatch to Royal Stewart cloth… 105 more words


Charlotte continued

What it looks like woven.

Tencel, and Silk Hiro

Two warps dyed separately woven side by side


Spinning for Color, tapestry weft update

Spinning the weft for my first tapestry is progressing nicely. (Catching some good photos has been more difficult, fortunately the fiber colors are accurate.) Edith’s Leicester longwool (above), spun worsted with a z-twist at 30 wpi, has excellent luster and is silky to the touch. 378 more words


Which Is Warp? Which Is Weft?

March 21, 2014

Some of my friends might be able to name the weave structure of this fabric of dead trees on Longboat Key.

Photos From Linda