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I went back to my old old blog that I started in 2010 and re-read many of my posts. It was strictly a weight loss blog and at first I had no readers, it was for my own use. 182 more words

Eating Disorder

Five Ways to Avoid the Holiday OverIndulgence Hangover

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the festivities and foods of the holiday season these days!.There you are, laughing and reminiscing near the buffet table, mindlessly munching while not paying attention to how many calories you’ve consumed, nor what you’ve even eaten.   280 more words

Healthy Living

Abroad and Ice Cream

Before you go abroad, there are about a thousand million thoughts going through your mind. Will I like ___(insert city name here)___ ? Will I get along with my host family?  1,078 more words


Saturday Musings: The Intersection of Three

Authenticity, creativity, ownership. What got you sewing?

For me, it was a combination of a hundred-pound weight gain and the desire to attract a man. I’d always wanted to get married and have a family with my husband, so by the time I was 23 and still fat I realized I was going to have to upgrade my appearance if I wanted to attract more than the homeless men living in my neighborhood. 269 more words


Day 0029 - Weigh In Day!

The Good News:

  • I’ve lost a further inch off my waist, which is a loss of 3.5″ overall, starting at 48.52 and now down to 45″.
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The Diet

Are smoothies sabotaging your weight loss?

Smoothies are a great way to lose weight because they are packed full of nutrients, so you get a hit of vitamins and minerals whilst enjoying a tasty beverage that fills you up. 621 more words

Fitness And Fun

Mum Problems Continued...


Mum Problem #5


Now this covers a whole range of topics, from putting on weight because their treats just look (& inevitably taste) so damn delicious, to never being able to eat a proper meal as all you have time to do is snack, to your snacks never being healthy ones because all you crave is a sugar high to get you through the rest of the day, to picking at their leftovers because you’ve spent the day not eating properly & now you’re STARVING, to learning how to eat like a monkey with your toes when you’re breastfeeding & I have no free hands (not really…), to getting to your dinner at goodness knows what time & realising you’re not hungry anymore. 269 more words