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Accountability, staying on track & fighting demons of eating disorders

I’ve been struggling lately. I struggled with staying 100% low carb with temptation all around me, and I’ve struggled with actually eating more than once a day. 415 more words

Weight Loss Journey



“Ewwww I look so fucking huge in this pic! Yuck!” My response to a “throwback” picture one of my friends posted of me on Instagram. 576 more words

Weight Loss

Pushing though....killed it today ✌️

I’ve been self admittedly horribly unmotivated lately, I’m slowly but surely getting myself outta the ditch I’ve been laying in lately.

Today the plan was to just hit the gym up & walk a mile at the inside track, I did it breezy in about 20 minutes with my younger brother Eli. 194 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Slacker back at yer

Long time no post. I have a tendency, when I’m caught up in life, to not blog…which is the exact time I SHOULD be posting. I’m a walking billboard for contradiction, what can I say? 252 more words

Weight Loss Journey


If you’re into fitness and have an Instagram account, chances are that you follow the self-proclaimed “Rehabiliatated Fat Boy” aka username_dopeaf (IG account name). Since following his page, I’ve always admired the creativity and presentation of his culinary creations, and he has inspired many to “ditch the dough” and live a low carb lifestyle. 1,161 more words

Weight Loss

The Wall, Getting Back Up and Moving Forward

So, I’ve been kind of busy for the past few weeks that I haven’t really had the time to update.

Here’s a little update of the few weeks I didn’t, you know, do anything. 387 more words

Weight Loss Journey