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“My Life Is Based On Sacrifices..”

The are 2 very significant dates in the month of December that will always hold a special place in my heart. 720 more words

Weight Loss

Helpful intentions, hurtful results aka support me or get the fuck outta the way

We’ve all had those people in our lives, whether it’s the daily people in our lives or the occasional pop up people who think they’re version of “helpful advice” or slick comments are helpful not harmful, oh you blind minions how we loath you. 763 more words

Weight Loss Journey


Yesterday was my first weigh in since restarting WW. It was not awesome. In fact, it was a bit disappointing. I flat-lined! No. I did not die (I guess you knew that). 234 more words

Weight Watchers

Awake since 5am for no good reason

So let’s call this my Sunday morning therapy:

Yesterday was stressful. I hate who I am when I’m stressed out. I get mean, stress tends to do that to people. 484 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Hello November, a day late 🙈

Maintaining my blog would be a million times easier if my laptop were fixed but alas it’s still possessed. Which makes my blog take the blunt of my slackage. 209 more words

Weight Loss Journey