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“You Looked Better Bigger!”

About a year ago, I received a random text from a guy that I used to date. It had been a while since we last spoke, so as we brought each other up to speed on what was going on in our lives, I mentioned to him that I had recently lost a significant amount of weight and sent him a before/after picture. 661 more words


Craving breakdown

What can help me with my cravings? Lately, I’ve been craving salty foods. But salt is bad for you. Is there anything that can substitute that craving? 66 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Favorite Exercise Machine!!

My absolute favorite exercise machine right now is the bicycle. I don’t know what it is about it, but once I get on it and put on my music, I’m in my zone. 20 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Big boob problems!!

The one thing I absolutely hate when working out is my boobs. Lol. They get in the way of everything. And they freaking bounce like crazy. 26 more words

Weight Loss Journey


“Mel Did That, So Hopefully You Won’t Have to Go Thru That!”

I’ve been attacking this fat on my body for almost 3 years. At times, I’ve been very successful. 1,823 more words


Weight Loss Journey - Mini Update 1

Weight Loss Journey – Mini Update 1

I won’t lie. It’s been hard some days. Not so much the exercise part, that part I’m actually enjoying, ever since I’ve started running outside, but the staying away from food part. 655 more words

Weight Loss

"Who's Crazy?"

I drink green juice in the morning. Apparently, this was a cause of concern for a colleague. “EWWWWW!!!! What the fuck are you drinking? That looks disgusting!!!” The words that came from this persons mouth were muffled, maybe it was because he was in the middle of chewing and swallowing his double bacon double cheese Mcwhatever. 510 more words