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“Ewwww I look so fucking huge in this pic! Yuck!” My response to a “throwback” picture one of my friends posted of me on Instagram. 576 more words

Weight Loss

Pushing though....killed it today ✌️

I’ve been self admittedly horribly unmotivated lately, I’m slowly but surely getting myself outta the ditch I’ve been laying in lately.

Today the plan was to just hit the gym up & walk a mile at the inside track, I did it breezy in about 20 minutes with my younger brother Eli. 194 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Slacker back at yer

Long time no post. I have a tendency, when I’m caught up in life, to not blog…which is the exact time I SHOULD be posting. I’m a walking billboard for contradiction, what can I say? 252 more words

Weight Loss Journey


If you’re into fitness and have an Instagram account, chances are that you follow the self-proclaimed “Rehabiliatated Fat Boy” aka username_dopeaf (IG account name). Since following his page, I’ve always admired the creativity and presentation of his culinary creations, and he has inspired many to “ditch the dough” and live a low carb lifestyle. 1,161 more words

Weight Loss

The Wall, Getting Back Up and Moving Forward

So, I’ve been kind of busy for the past few weeks that I haven’t really had the time to update.

Here’s a little update of the few weeks I didn’t, you know, do anything. 387 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Results or Excuses?

I saw this statement somewhere on PumpUp under someone’s posting. It said, “You can make results or, you can make excuses. But you can’t do both!” This was meant for me to see. 146 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Same old routine, just a different day!

When I get bored of something, I tend to just let it go and move on to the next thing. And that’s kinda what my problem is now. 82 more words

Weight Loss Journey