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Day 7. Macros, we need to talk...

It’s not you, it’s me, Macros, I’ve enjoyed our time together but I miss my ex, Low Carb.

Sorry, where was I?!
Ah day 7 of my blog everyday for a week about this macros challenge I gave myself. 351 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Feeling inspired...by FullyRawKristina

Now I know this is random sauce. But I used to be a vegetarian for 3 years, I loved it but I ate a lot of junk & then in this height of my chaos (ED) I returned to eating meat at the urgency of my dad. 262 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Day 6 at a decent time?! It's a miracle 🙌

I was up later than I’d care to admit (2am) & up by 7, oy vey. What a day.

Yet again though my anxiety induced stress last night proved ridiculously unneeded, shocker I know. 382 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Yep promised to blog early but life happens 🙅 Day 5!

Yes today was less hectic than usual lately but I still had zero time to pause today to blog early like I planned.

I got up pretty early for a Monday thinking the maintenance were coming this AM but they didn’t. 406 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Just me and mah Demons...

I’m gonna say it.  I’ve gained some weight.  Not a lot, but enough to make my clothes tighter and make me generally feel uncomfortable.  In fact, when I weighed myself after coming home from Christmas vacation, I was at a weight I spent a looooong time stuck at a few years ago, and thought I’d pretty much not see again. 639 more words


Oh hello recap of day 3 & here's day 4, boom

Yes I’m still keeping myself accountable. I went to bed stupid late last night & again couldn’t keep my eyes open. But I’m still trackin. I’m still on point. 433 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Recap of day 2 because life is crazy

Ugh don’t you just hate when life gets too crazy? Yesterday was bananas & I was gone all day till about midnight & just wanted to crash when I got home. 196 more words

Weight Loss Journey