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Why Can't I Lose More Weight?

I’m always trying to find new challenges to keep myself motivated every month. This month, I decided to participate in No Cheat November. It’s something my accountability partner and I came up with to help us stay on track as we approach the holiday season. 256 more words

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Top 15 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on a Low-Carb Diet

Do you feel like this when stepping on the scale?

We often see that people quit the banting lifestyle because they do not lose any weight or they got to a weight loss plateau. 143 more words

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How to Get Over that Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau!

Hitting a weight loss plateau happens to almost everyone during their weight loss journey. Right now, I’m at a plateau… it’s been about 2-3 weeks since I lost any weight and I’ll admit it, it sucks, but honestly I haven’t been trying hard enough to deserve to lose weight. 1,202 more words

Weight Loss Plateau

Motivational Monday: Overcoming the Dreaded Plateau

Happy Monday! Again…. :)

I figured that for this Motivational Monday, I’d discuss something I am going through currently. A doggone plateau.

If you’ve embarked on  639 more words

Tortilla Chips Are Ruining My Life

You know how I was all gung-ho on getting back on track in my last post? Well I still am, but I’m having a certain kind of struggle. 337 more words

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I Finally Understand Why People Gain Their Weight Back

Let’s face it. We all can name at least one person we’re acquainted with who’s lost a ton of weight only to turn around and put it all back on. 417 more words

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The dreaded... P l a t e a u

I hit the 45 lb lost mark twelve days ago. Today.. I hit the 46 lb mark. Twelve days??? So I guess this was the weight loss plateau I’ve heard so much about. 208 more words

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