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Five ways to jumpstart a slow metabolism

Are you eating right and exercising regularly but still not losing weight? This might be due to a slow metabolism.

There are many factors that could cause metabolism to slow down. 363 more words

The Weight Loss Plateau

So, you have a weight loss plateau! Don’t get discouraged!

Are you consuming fewer calories that you used to!

Has your metabolism slowed down to conserve them? 360 more words


My 24 Day Paleo Challenge

My weight loss has been stalled for a couple months now (which is totally my own doing), so I was looking for ways to jump start it again (again, again). 467 more words

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How To Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Adam SHEPHERD – Exercise Physiologist Homebush

You’ve been making really awesome progress in terms of losing weight and decreasing your body fat when all of a sudden everything grinds to a stop. 724 more words

Weight Loss Mistakes You're Probably Making

If you diet and exercise and yet you aren’t seeing the results that you want, you may be making a common mistake, likely one of these. 490 more words

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