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Weigh-In Day

Well. Today is depressing as far as Weigh-In Days on PayDay go….

Last week, I gained 3 lbs. SO ANNOYING, right? Like, I didn’t even track it until yesterday when I realized if I wanted to see a loss, I would have to track it. 109 more words

Terrible eating habits.

I feel like this week I’ve fallen back into terrible eating habits. I used to be an emotional eater. When I was bored, I would eat. 190 more words

Weight Loss

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Yes friends, I hurt my back.  Again.

This time I was innocently doing laundry on Sunday.  I twisted the wrong way when I was moving my laundry basket and BAM…back spasm.  461 more words

Back At It

Yesterday marked my first day back to the gym in…well, let’s just say it’s been a long time.

I wandered over to my local Goodlife… 460 more words

A Fresh Start

A fresh start.  I’ve uttered these words a million times…I’m hoping this time is the last time.

(Notice I said hoping—I’m so commitment-phobic.)

In all honesty, I thought seriously about making Saturday’s post my last—shutting down the blog, shutting my mouth, and never talking about my weight again—but I received so many kind words from friends who care about me, letting me know how much I’m loved and how awesome they think I am.  332 more words

What Does the Cow Say?

I’ve grown up overweight.  I’ve never been as heavy as I am now, but know how it feels to be an overweight child, adolescent, and adult.  649 more words

1, 2, skip a few - Day 52

  • Breakfast: Advobar and Spark
  • Snack: String cheese
  • Lunch: MRS and green beans
  • Snack: Almonds
  • Dinner: Top sirloin steak with mixed veggies
  • Snack: Yogurt

I love birthdays! 443 more words

Clean Eating