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Bringing the new me out

I was asked by some of my follwers about a updated body picture and what was I eating everyday.   Here is the picture showing my weight loss.  271 more words


To frizzle or not

My grandmother use to tell my sisters and I that it was really unladylike to say the word fart. Before I go any further let me explain to those people that don’t recognize the word fart.  459 more words

Gastric Bypass

Shelly the belly and her issues

One thing I never expected on this life change was Shelly’s intolerance and dislike of chicken. I have always loved chicken baked, boiled, fried, grilled and steamed. 158 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

On how I came to the decision of having weight loss surgery

Hello folks.  It’s been a while.  “Where have you been?” you may ask.  Well, I took the entire month of September off from Paleo and Crossfit.   959 more words


Back to work

Tomorrow I return to work. I took the full 6 weeks I know many that returned very quickly and regretted it, so I have allowed my body to recuperate. 247 more words

Weight Loss

Problems any solutions

I am really struggling with my sinus.  I have been having major issues with it since last Thursday.  I went to see my primary physician Tuesday and he prescribed a z pack and Norel for the congestion.  198 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Juicy Couture Bag

For the last six days I’ve found myself with a brand new handbag I never wanted and been trying to get rid of.
It’s not really my colour, I actually hate it, but I guess it’s stopping me from getting poorly. 135 more words

Bariatric Surgery