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Pancake Diet... also 8 days out

They are glorious, golden and go down is a river of syrup.

Pancakes are awesome and sometimes you just need to crush some

Today marks 8 days out from my show and let’s just say my test carb feeding was boss. 238 more words

The Before and After story - Lessons from a 3 year old boy

This is the story of my before and after photos and the lessons I learned from my 3 year old son, who on this day, taught me a very valuable lesson on life and happiness. 662 more words

Measure twice, Weigh Once

The slightly irritating thing about weight loss is that you, as the primary person affected, can’t really watch it happening. Most of us will need some external input to let us know how fabulous we’re starting to look! 597 more words


Yet Another Fat Person Problem...




Chafing. A thing I never really considered. Its happened. Its so painful I can barely walk. I’m thankful that I have some petroleum jelly on hand because I hear that helps. 9 more words

Day Nine....

Day nine:

This morning I dropped off Coop’s at his last day of soccer camp. Afterwards I came home and GUESS WHAT!!? Ate breakfast. I ate a bowl of Cheerios. 347 more words

Day 5 & 6....crankiness

Ed went to the gym without me :( I’m not mad about it just wish I would have gone. How can I motivate myself to get there?….I continue to stay active at work and I haven’t taken the elevator since Monday. 290 more words