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Gone were the days when getting rid of excessive fat accumulation ins your body was a hard nut to crack. These days they are looking forward to shed that last couple of calories and stretching to the last extent to say good-bye to fats from your body. 426 more words



When I started to write this blog it was purely as an outlet for my feelings. So hopefully in time I can read back and see how I’ve grown as a person. 581 more words


Tues PM Report 082014 Day 235b

Tues PM Report 082014 Day 235b: TOTAL STEPS: 1900-2200+. TOTAL  MILES: .9-1.0+. TOTAL SLEEP: 10-11.5 hours. Feeling impact of recent energy and karma releases.  Inventory list. 41 more words

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In a bid to loose weight many people have resorted to dіffеrеnt methods of dieting, frоm the general accepted norms to extreme measures, dieting іѕ personal and requires discipline dedication аnd focus, beіng considered aѕ overweight аnd fat consist off thе storage of fatty in the form of glycogen, the fat іѕ stored іn case оf lean times whеn thе fat іѕ converted tо energy. 1,503 more words

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Have to reprimand myself – it is not about finding the time, it is making the time. So today has to be one with exercise, come hell or high water!

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What a day! It never rains, it pours! We has a very busy day with 4 different lunches, arrivals and departures, electricity failures, fridges and freezers packing up and many special requasts going on yesterday, and it was manic! 346 more words

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21 August 2010 - football temptations

• Exercise: 652
• Consumed: 1338

Well I didn’t get to do much exercise today except the walk to and from the football, although I did carry my sandbags in my rucksack. 424 more words

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