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Six Weeks Postpartum

I can’t believe six weeks have already gone by since I had Eleah. In ways it seems longer then that because Its hard to imagine life without her. 983 more words

Day 20 Food Diary (9/15)

Net calories – 1005

Day 3 of crazy carb cravings. I’m so ready for this to stop so I can get back to proper dieting. 200 more words


My first solo run

I am not a runner. I am attempting to run.

Today I went on my first solo run. My last run was great. I could go with my co-worker. 432 more words

Gaining Time

I was commenting with a fellow blogger earlier today and something occurred to me which hadn’t occurred to me before.

I figure that since I’ve been waking up earlier and getting active much earlier I have bought myself some more time and more time means more life and I don’t just mean by exercising and making myself healthier I’ll live longer, gosh there are no guarantees of that, that is a hope, but I mean more time literally and more immediately. 904 more words

Weight Loss

Auf Wiedersehen!

I’m off to Deutshland morgen!  I’m bursting with excitement (and a fair bit of justified anxiety about our 12-hr airplane extrvaganza).  I’ve had my best-ever summer strength phase, a really good two weeks of power training and I feel like I’m in outstanding shape.  496 more words


So this diet thing is not working out. Zinburger will be the death of my pescatarianism lifestyle. I need to just exercise, flatten this stomach, and go down to a size 6 so I can be satisfied. 9 more words

Amber Rae

200 Hour Yoga Application

I’ve decided to become a yoga instructor.

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of career options the real world has to offer. However, as often as I change my mind or rationalize each possibility, I keep going back to yoga. 318 more words