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Take a deep breath, it's all gonna be fine....

Remember how reluctant I was to go for my run because I was so tired? Hahahahaha! It turned out to be the bestest run in a loooong time. 2,291 more words


Dropping some extra poundage.

Here’s what’s up.
I’ve given birth to an amazingly handsome baby boy 8 months ago.

He is the joy and light of my life. Looking at him brings tears to my eyes because I’m so proud to be his mom. 510 more words

Whenever My Coach Says We’re Doing Thrusters http://ift.tt/1gWheaS



Loads of people kept saying how slim I… http://ift.tt/1jlJIJE


25lb Milestone!

Actually, 25.2.  Hee hee.

The scale said 161.4 this morning.  That is the scale I hobbled onto after sweating through 2 workouts yesterday–Jillian’s video in the morning, then 15 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes (jogging) on the treadmill last night.  270 more words


The story so far

“Ah, who cares. Let’s have another pie”

The story so far….

Well hello there! It’s lovely to meet you. My name is Kate and I like beaches, creme eggs, social media, singing in the car, gothic architecture and Dave Grohl (in no particular order). 376 more words

Weight Loss

12 months since I was sick

Why should you care?

The purpose of this post is not to boast about my accomplishments, although I am quite happy to reach my goal, the purpose of this post is to open your mind to the possibility that sickness is not mandatory. 853 more words