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Look Ahead

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The Apostle Paul… I look forward to meeting him one day in heaven! He is the one who wrote the great word pictures in the Bible. 296 more words

Weight loss is hard... But not why you think

As someone who always struggled with her weight, I know what it’s like to want to be small and it never work out. Up until about a year ago, I assumed I would always be a plus sized girl, then one day I decided to actually give this weight loss thing a go, and it started to work. 511 more words


Love Yourself

They say being skinny is a gift–blessed, as some say. While numerous fat strain their body to achieve a simple thigh gap, later to be relinquished by a cheeseburger, there’s people who are just blessed with a bag of bones sculpted into a body. 299 more words


A Simple Solution for Quick Weight Loss

There are effective methods for losing weight quickly. Typically, a dieter will often use the formula of consuming fewer calories each day, in an effort to lose weight. 19 more words

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has had a blessed Easter, celebrating life with those who are close to you!  As a follower of Jesus Christ, today is a day that is a special reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made so that my sins could be forgiven and Him rising from the dead brought it all to completion!  349 more words

So Many Thoughts, So Little Memory

I’ve had so many good ideas over the last couple of days and of course nothing handy to jot them down. ¬†Hopefully once the juices get flowing something will come back. 1,155 more words

Reflections On The Pond

Day 4

Hey again.

Finally lost weight! This morning I weighed in at 47.4kg which is 0.8 lower than yesterday. So my metabolism is finally kicking in! 163 more words