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My roommate is playing that terrible song by what’s-his-name “Solo,” hence the title.

I didn’t eat high frequency foods tonight, so I’m not feeling too hot. 1,199 more words

Are You In The Zone?

Getting in the Zone?

You have to know how to re-instate your A+ best self; mind, body, heart and

Here is a Question:

Have you decided to stay young – curious and courageous ——- or let… 55 more words


Love Thy Enemy

Like most people, I love food. Yet, it is my enemy. In the Army, there are weight restrictions that are based upon age, sex and height. 638 more words


The last supper

Who has ever been on a weight loss journey and not had their version of a “last supper”? Tonight was the fiancĂ©’s birthday, so I took him to Ruth’s Chris. 554 more words

Paint as sculpture.

Interested to see how paint can be used as a sculptural material and I thought acrylic would be ideal as it’s plastic based. Malleable but sturdy. 50 more words

Fine Art

Old clothes

I used to work hard on keeping in shape. I was a fat kid, and in high school being around waif thin ladies made me more insecure than my normal insecure self. 300 more words


My Food Diary-Jan 26th

Used My Fitness Pal’s food diary for the day. I got 47g of protien for the day, it says I need 80 something but you really don’t need that much protein. 108 more words