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My Weighty Story: The Wharf to Wharf Race 2014

I made it! Sunday was the Wharf to Wharf.

I was scared. I was worried. I had been so sick last week and hardly moved from the couch to do much more than just go to work and sleep.  1,028 more words

How cool is this?

Vitals as of 2/10/14 before I started my plan. Please note I gained another 5 pounds before March 1st when I decided to get off my ass! 25 more words

How it all began

My issue with my weight, or perhaps more other people’s issues with my weight, began at a very early age.  Probably 4 or 5, just as I was starting school.   302 more words


Healthy Living

Eating healthy is my biggest downfall. I will run as man miles as you ask me to and lift as many days a week as you see fit, but when you tell me to put down the chocolate and practice portion control, I go a little nuts. 333 more words


Post-Partum Weight Loss

There’s one thing that a lot of breastfeeding advocates tout along with all the health benefits to your newborn child. Namely: breastfeed and your pregnancy weight will just drop off. 452 more words


Playing the Weight Game.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time now. Ever since I gained the oh-so-infamous freshman fifteen (actually more like freshman 20), which I’ve yet to lose, weight has been something that is constantly on my mind. 768 more words

How Could I Fail?

I love my wife like crazy.  As I mentioned last week, she left town for the weekend, and I had expressed some concern that this might lead to a weekend of binge eating and laziness as it has in the past. 255 more words

Weight Loss