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#NWTW Week 42: Non-Alcoholic Week

For whatever reason it might be, some people can’t or don’t want to touch alcohol. Whether it’s religion, health, or you’re just trying to cool it for a few weeks, it’s… 184 more words


#NWTW Week 41: This Is Not A Verdict On Verdejo

A question I get asked a lot by mates of mine is “are any of those supermarket wines for £5 any good?” To this day I still think the answer is “yes, but…” 306 more words


Wein& Design edizione 2014

Anche quest’anno da non perdere la degustazione di vini itinerante per le strade di Vienna.
25 Euro, 13 postazioni (tra negozi, banche e locali) e… 120 more words


#NWTW Week 41: Verdejo, A Labour of Love!

One of the reasons few people outside of Spain have heard of, or at least drunk, Verdejo is that up until 30 or 40 years ago it was just too much of a pain in the arse to make… 231 more words


#NWTW Week 41: Verdejo From Spain (Part Two)

Did I mention we all have a massive soft spot for Spanish wine? Hot on the heels of Rioja week, Ant’s pick for this week is the MASSIVELY underrated Verdejo… 108 more words


#NWTW Week 40: Food Pairing With Rioja

It’s not quite as easy just to say “eat this” with any Rioja. As I said yesterday there’s lots of different combinations of how they make it… 220 more words


#NWTW Week 40: What Do We Mean When We Say Rioja?

Rioja is one of those words in the wine industry now that, for most people, means a certain thing. It’s almost like a brand name… 284 more words