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#NWTW Week 30: Vinho Verde from Portugal (Part Two)

I’m really glad that we’ve gone for this one at some point during this year. Vinho Verde is that white wine that you must of heard of and is used as the… 117 more words


#NWTW Week 29: Growing Cabernet Franc In The Loire

Before you start reading, don’t worry yourself.  It’s not going to be another geography lesson.  I’ll keep it mercifully short (hopefully).  You might have to put up with a bit of geology, but sod it, you’ll just have to live with that.  266 more words


#NWTW Week 29: Cabernet Franc As A Grape

As I said yesterday, it’s one of those that I don’t expect many of you have heard of before.  Two reasons really.  Firstly when it’s used… 297 more words



I wasn’t very excited about going to Austria. It was just never top of my list. I don’t know why.

To ply me into our three day stay, Phoebe and Cat allowed me to pick hostels with funny names, like the Strawberry Hostel in Vienna or the Muffin Hostel in Salzburg. 1,176 more words


#NWTW Week 29: Cabernet Franc from the Loire

Following on from a very successful and well received week last time out with German Riesling, we’re keeping with European wine this week, and going for a… 161 more words


#NWTW Week 28: The Verdict on German Riesling

Now then, here’s a tricky one to judge.  I’ve drunk so much Riesling in the past that it’s never gonna happen now for me to be able to try a German Riesling without holding it up in the same light as the ones I’ve had before.


Entkorkt - San Sebastian (Florida)

Wie viele Weine in den US den Hang zum Lieblichen aus St. Augustine/Clermont