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#NWTW Week 37: Malbec from Argentina

Well after getting a bit of stick for having not stuck my neck outside Europe for a few months worth of choices, I’m following Ant’s example and going for another of those world classics; … 81 more words


#NWTW Week 36: What We Thought of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

A nice week back on the New World style whites.  We tried two of the wines off my list, and there was definitely a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc style.   360 more words


Kostenverhältnis Wein und Essen in China

Also ich sollte endlich aufhören Wein zu trinken in China…..  aber dieses Bier hat es mir längerfristig einfach nicht angetan und zu gutem Essen gehört einfach ein Glas Wein. 32 more words


#NWTW Week 36: What I’m Eating With My Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

This should be a lovely bevvy to have with a late lunch on Saturday or something like that. Keep the wine nice and chilled… 317 more words


#NWTW Week 36: Chile’s Number One White

I’m not sure why, but I hadn’t really registered Chilean Sauvignon Blanc much before. I guess whenever I’d thought of Chilean wines I’d always been thinking mostly of the reds. 233 more words


Wein High Density Negative Air Ionizer

Save $ 10 order now Wein High Density Negative Air Ionizer at Air Purifiers store. Daily updated air purifier reviews and find the best air purifiers for home on top 10 air purifiers consumer reports on Stores, Market. 17 more words

#NWTW Week 36: Old World or New World?

I realised yesterday that I’d written something without really explaining what I meant, so here’s my chance to put it right. I’d gone on a bit about Ant being a fan of picking… 298 more words