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Weird Dreams Monday

Hello! Sorry for the delay. ¬†To be honest, my dreams are never too extraordinary; they always have a realistic yet dimly lit setting and plot. ¬†However, most of my dreams (at least when I’m in school…figures) are quite unpleasant — I’ve even woken up literally crying from a bad dream. 286 more words


OMG I had the FUNNIEST yet STRANGE dream last night

OMG This dream was hilarious…..

I some how got stuck in the Philippines and it was like the most boring place in the world. We were stuck in this gym with like 100 other people and we only had 1 tv channel to watch and I was telling these 2 American girls about how boring this place was and I want to go back home to America. 1,072 more words

Addison Texas

All you need is sleep...

Well that is all I really need! I haven’t had a good nights sleep for 4 nights now. I have tried going to bed early, having a large meal, a bottle of wine and even Valium but all of these have ended in a restless sleep. 146 more words

Hidden Nanook Blog

It's Been A While, So Let's Talk Dreams

I’ve been away for a while. The combination of school and daily life cuts into writing big time. And personally I just felt like I didn’t have much interesting to say. 1,718 more words

Daily Life

Dreamy Monday

Hello fellow dreamfielders!

Here is the long awaited dream recount from Lucy! I would also like to officially express my sincere apologies towards Luke and Angela. 588 more words



You know you’ve been on the TTC-train a bit long when you start having dreams that feature artificial insemination. Apparently in my dream world, this is done in groups. 36 more words

The Suicide Restaurant

The birds were singing,
And the flowers were dancing.
But amidst the happy setting was pandemonium.
Under the festive skies sat a couple wrangled in emotion. 616 more words

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