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Asking for trouble myself

Last night have a dream that keep replaying by itself on this particular scene of dream till my mom rang me in the early morning. I dreamt of my ex colleague who came to me and we have a chat. 435 more words


Mini-Post Mondays: Killer, People, Me


I had a weird dream the other night. Some killer was after me andĀ kept killing me but instead of dying I managed to fix myself and keep running and then I fell in love with himĀ  159 more words


Found my direction

Last night I dreamt someone asked me to put down my protection barrier. That is so strange. But I believe everything happen for a reason. The protection barrier question that lead me to ask a friend of mine and subsequently realized that actually it doesn’t matter after all. 214 more words


Dreams, Communism & Jose Mourinho

What have Jose Mourinho, communist dictatorships and Stubbington all got in common? Give up? Well, they were all part of a bizarre tapestry woven together in the surreal unconscious landscapes of my dreams a few nights ago. 826 more words

Writing For Fun

Moon-faced Witches

A strange dream that I had: In a smoky yellow sky fly witches on brooms and other likely implements, in front of a dying sun. Their faces are the Moon, and the shadows on them are sad. 27 more words

My Affinity with Drikung Kagyu

This morning I only remember my dream when I am doing my practice. In the dream, I saw lotus seat, beside it is a moon on the lotus seat, next to it is a Sun on top of a lotus. 165 more words


Unrest spirits

Weird dreams again last night. I dreamt of the past life of one of my dharma sister. Follow by a places or shall I say a block of house where a lot of people pass away in this block of house. 195 more words

Weird Dreams