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T2-91 I am gonna say it

I miss the 90’s. I miss high school. What does this mean!?

Dream rundown:

  • I am talking to my cousin Leah and Trevor and Jacob from O-Town…
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Analyze This, or, Gotta lay Off Those Anchovie Pizzas

Am parked at the Peet’s near the WH just for variety and to see who comes in.  The local ABC news anchor who got himself fired and then went to Fox News popped in  at the Starbucks across the street one day…. 157 more words

So I had this dream...

So I was reading Emily Dickinson (cause Imma nerd and that is what we do on Sundays) and dozed off… This was the dream I had: 658 more words

Weird Dreams

Short break

Die I should really stop blogging so much but I need to capture this moment :’)

Omg I nearly cried when I received the sms, just felt this sense of… Idk, being appreciated? 308 more words


Strangers in the night

Dear Friends,

I have a confession to make. It has been no more than a year since I first learned that the artist Flo Rida, father of hits such as  177 more words

Weird Dreams

72 years old me

Last night have weird dream again. Dreamt that I was in a house within a house. Weird. I am the person who ask construction to do it. 252 more words

Teacher :)

Someone coming for me

Last night has a weird and spooky dream. As usual there are ‘people’ beside me. Someone told me something however I dimissed it. Suddenly with a snap of finger my dream changes. 246 more words

Weird Dreams