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Psychic attack....

Dvina and husband Frank moved to their new home in April the year before last. Within weeks of the move Dvina started to have “weird” dreams – and they only occurred when Frank was at work on night shift and Dvina was alone. 792 more words


Dreams !

Ah finally done with exams. I feel so relieved. Actually exams were done on 20th …. but I spent 2 days shopping like a crazy person with my mom. 301 more words


9w4d - Seriously Annoyed

Sometimes I wonder at my lack of symptoms.  Then I look in the mirror and see the 10lbs of constipation bloat and I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’m definitely pregnant.” 1,019 more words

Family Planning

Hatboy and the Activist Circus Worm-Girl: A Dream

Day 21. 53 pages, 25,278 words.

Now, on the Tuesday night a few weeks ago I had another dream. This one was even weirder than the last one. 477 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Dancing with the Stars

Day 15. 40 pages, 17,872 words.

I had a dream a few weeks ago. At first I hesitated to blog about it, because it was about a… 728 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Blunt objects, defense, and death-- Weird Dreams!

Have you ever had a dream where you had to protect someone by killing a person using a blunt object? No? Well good because it’s weird and makes you wanna cringe (you’ve been warned), so I’ll tell you about my dream last night, where this happened. 682 more words


Last Christmas: Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

Day 8. 21 pages, 9,114 words.

On the weekend, I finally got to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which was a lot of fun. Some good laughs and a nice bit of thought-provoking creepiness in the “you could be asleep and getting your brain dissolved… 922 more words

Hatboy's Movie Extravaganza