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Dream Debates

Have you ever been woken from a dead sleep and know that even if you TRY to roll over and snuggle you’re not going to fall asleep again? 299 more words


Jigme Lingpa

Jigme Lingpa. I dreamt about this word on a piece of paper and it is repeating through out the paper. Strange I am not sure what it means again. 21 more words

Weird Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of these

Last night, I dreamed that Lorenzo Lamas was a werewolf in my village. He growled at me.

Random Mutterings

Guru Rinpoche Retreat.

Last night I slept at 1.15am and this morning wake up at 6.15am. Less than 6 hours of sleep, I still has a short dream. 187 more words

Weird Dreams

Fear Part 2

Last night had a weird dream again. I suddenly felt like I turn into an ant or a bug, for the animal that I saw in my dream was extremely huge. 107 more words

Weird Dreams

Ever Had a Weird Dream?

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who seems to dream the most twisted things every now and then. By twisted, I mean like, seriously weird. 687 more words

Temple & Coffee

I don’t remember this dream when I woke up in the morning, the memories only came to me when I tried to go back to sleep. 207 more words

Weird Dreams