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No More Eating...

… before bed. Every single time I have a night time snack, I wind up either having demonic dreams, or sex dreams.

Last night was one of those nights. 180 more words



So what is D for- D is for Dreams…

Dreams as in the real dreams I see in the half conscious moments of my life, in between sleeps! 962 more words

My Life

Weird Dream - 4/03/2014

Don’t know where I was driving but I was on a road with a friend in a desert-like area with a lot of traffic in a Tesla Model S (Don’t ask). 856 more words



They say that dreams are a representation of fears and hopes, deep inside you where you normally wouldn’t recognize them or bring them to light. 162 more words


Weird Dreams: Hannibal/Vampire

So the dream opened up on me and two other kids breaking into a house. The house was small, black and at the base of a large mountain. 252 more words

Weird Dream

In a fast pace world, 24 hours is not enough. That is why whenever we sleep, we rarely dream.

I want to share the vivid and weird dream I had last night that disturbed my mind even after I wake up. 2,330 more words


Hunger Games, FitBit, Restaurants and more...

I can’t stop having weird dreams. It started the other night when I was starring in my own Hunger Games. I was off in the wilderness just like Katniss Everdeen (except hardly as good looking and in shape). 1,050 more words

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