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Something's wrong with Chad... it's scaring me

Ever since the incident the other night, Chad has been acting strange.  He’s been locked in the basement for a day and a half and he didn’t want me down there, but he left suddenly, muttering something about not finding the right color… I had no idea what he was talking about, so after he left I headed down into the basement to see what was going on…

Weird Happenings

Chad woke up, still groggy

Chad spent most of the day yesterday unconscious or asleep, but mumbling and talking incoherently, and sometimes it sounded like he was speaking some other language, maybe Latin?  170 more words

Weird Happenings

Something went wrong... Chad needs help

This is Wendy, Chad’s wife – something went wrong tonight. Chad was doing a ritual, from that terrible old book. He said he understood it now, that he could stop the bizarre things that have been going on around here. 234 more words

Photographic Evidence

Pastor Confesses Adultery In Church To Congregation, Then Drops Dead

According to Foxnews, a Connecticut pastor seeking to cleanse his soul for a long-past infidelity met fire and brimstone, then forgiveness from his flock before reportedly keeling over from a suspected heart attack. 328 more words

Weird Happenings

March Forward

Yes, it surprises me too-it is March already. Seriously, it was just Halloween last week.

After hitting the double nickel in December I swear that time has just been accelerated by 55%. 184 more words

My Musings

Shadows in the hall, a new escalation

I had gone out to pick up dinner and Wendy was home alone – never a good idea lately, we probably should have gone out together.   191 more words

Weird Happenings

Just getting over an illness, things are bad and getting worse

I’ve been sick for a week – nothing supernatural, surprisingly, just a bad winter cold that totally knocked me out for days.  I even called out of work sick for a few days – I never do that.   253 more words

Weird Happenings