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man plays with cats while being chased by the cops

A man in BOCA RATON, Florida asked for water and petted some cats while he was running from the cops.
21-year-old Daniel Pinedo-Velapatino was running from the cops after he stole thousands of dollars from his friends wallet after the two of them had some drugs together. 174 more words


Woman Texting And Driving Crashes, Gets Metal Guardrail In Her Butt!

Here’s ANOTHER example of why we shouldn’t be texting while we drive- because nobody wants to have a metal pole removed from their butts like this lady! 232 more words


Woman Impaled in Buttocks Admits Texting

Elizabeth, Colo. — Christina Jahnz got a ‘kick’ in the rear — and a lesson — she’ll not soon forget.

“I did the voice text and I was in the parking lot and I looked down to make sure it was okay,” she said. 117 more words

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Bikini Coffee Stand Busted For Prostitution Ring

Apparently bikini coffee shops run rampant in Seattle these days. That’s the norm– the (not-so) shocking part is that one of these┬ástands was busted for running… 321 more words


Knucklehead News: Games Of All Kinds


Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Billy Z tackles the stories you may have missed. This morning he shared stories about British games, a golf course shooting, and a NFL suspension. 59 more words


Strange News Roundup: Cash with Cats, Lame Excuse for Creepy Crime

Cash With Cats

Russia’s biggest bank is banking on superstition and a love of furry things to lure new mortgage clients. CNN Money reports that in Russia, it’s considered good luck if a cat enters a new home ahead of the homeowners. 231 more words


"Madden 15" Video Game Glitch Shrinks Player Down To 14 Inches [VIDEO]

Part of the fun of anticipating every new Madden NFL game is looking for the glitches–and Madden 15 has given us one that’ll cross over into sports history. 155 more words