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Just a General Post About Stories

I’m sure some of you remember a couple of years ago when I went to my first-ever writer’s workshop with parts of my novel. I had to fly to another city in a different state to show people my writing in person for the first time.  929 more words

Seattle Busrides

I’m sure most of you have ridden some form of large city public transportation. I’ve been on many different metro systems from Boston to Prague. However out of all of these transit systems, Seattle remains the only one where you’ll smell weed and urine on the business commuter bus. 413 more words

Biker Buried Astride Beloved Harley in Plexiglas Casket

An Ohio motorcycle enthusiast’s family has carried out their father’s long-laid and elaborate funeral plans, that were 18 years in the making.

Billy Standley, 82, of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was buried Friday, embalmed atop his 1967 Harley Davidson and encased in a giant plexiglass casket. 406 more words


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I don't reblog much, but this really got my attention! I am sitting with mixed emotions- respect for a Biker being buried in that way, but also unhappy- he could have my old bike to ride out through the Pearly Gates, and give me a $ 30 000 bike instead... My old bike would get there just as fast!

the people at north shore animal league are crazy

Not the people who work there, they are lovely. But the people who drop their pets off, these are the nutsos. I was in there for about an hour and encountered at least four people that were mentally ill. 1,438 more words

The Amazing and Incredibly True Story of the Disappearing Goalie

I have wanted to get this story out for some time. It has been gestating inside me for quite a while. Life has kept me pretty busy, so it never got a chance to see light. 5,653 more words