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Who Fears the Devil? Star Books 1975 (Manly Wade Wellman)

Who fears the Devil? says Jane unto Jim,
Who fears the Devil? says Jim unto Joan,
Who fears the Devil? says Jane unto John –

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It's one of those moments...

…right now that I don’t feel absolutely terrible. And I have a ridiculous smile on my face. And I am sitting outside, the gentle breeze brushing across my face, and I feel genuinely happy to be alive. 396 more words

Ups And Downs: Fall 2014

"The Egyptian Tales of Robert Bloch", by Robert M. Price

The following article is by Robert M. Price.

Ancient Egypt, its culture and its mythology have long fascinated modern Westerners. One might even say Egypt, as clothed in legendary modern as well as ancient, is of the essence of exotic Orientalism. 2,904 more words


Arms and Legs (2009)

I am not one to indulge in the manufacture of absurd fictions, but for the sake of posterity–that at some point in the distant future perhaps, a concerned party might have these outlandish discoveries recorded so as to verify the authenticity of future accounts–I relate to you what occurred one night while I was traveling, incognito, through a strange, bewildering city. 1,841 more words


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October-ganza 8: The Graveyard Rats

Whilst researching Cthulhu Mythos fiction relating to the Salem witch trials, I came across a short story by Henry Kuttner – “The Graveyard Rats”. First published in… 157 more words


James Allen St. John: Tarzan and Pulp Fiction

On the 1st of October 1872, James Allen St. John, often referred to as ‘the godfather of modern fantasy art’, was born in Chicago, Illinois. 581 more words


Vintage Pin Up: Margaret Brundage

A little bit different from our usual pin up art, right?


Here’s one of Miss Brundage’s stranger pieces, although as she was the chief artist for the pulp magazine… 14 more words