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Mice, Plant Murder, and Why I'm Not Allowed In Home Depot Unsupervised

There is a mouse in my living room.

It’s adorable and tiny and has these precious little whiskers and hides behind my couch like the most precious thing in the world… but seriously, this is not your home, mouse, you need to go. 444 more words

Weird Things In My Head

Profound Contentment and Monkeys Smoking Pot

So the “big thing” I referenced in February that might be happening was a job. A job for David in San Francisco that he almost got that we both were convince he was going to get because everything seemed to be falling into place and it seemed so so perfect. 336 more words

Weird Things In My Head

The Tornado/Why I'm Terrified of Not Having a Basement

24 years ago today I live through an F5 tornado (the largest category of tornado possible).

That tornado to be specific.

It flew through our town, destroying everything in it’s path including the homes of most of our neighbors. 176 more words

Weird Things In My Head