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The Weirdest Sick Day Excuses People Have Used This Year

According to a new survey, 28% of us have used a fake excuse to call in sick to work this year.  And 31% of bosses say they’ve tried to catch employees faking it.  151 more words


The Weirdest Sick Day Excuses

According to CareerBuilder, these are the craziest sick day excuses people have used this year.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 28% of us have used a fake excuse to call in sick to work this year. 142 more words


The weirdest place you've ever had sexy times... (44 photos)

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BERRIES, where is the weirdest place you've done it?

Having sex in unusual spots is fun AND risky. Where is the weirdest place you have done it? Make us proud and send in your craziest sex spot (don’t feel shy, sometimes these things just happen). 36 more words


15 Weirdest Merchandise For Dogs

There are some merchandise that you want to purchase for a pet: Meals, bowls, collars, toys, maybe even a litter box. These are crucial items you’ll need to have to fight the never ending battle for your pet’s focus and affection. 20 more words

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25 Weirdest Drinking Customs In The World

Waa got you something interesting. The world’s weirdest drinking customs … ! If you have some more weirdest facts you can share them with us. Like the post, then like and share it…