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Twitter-dee and Twitter-dum

I am now on the twitter. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s almost like the online equivalent to standing on the corner waiting for somebody to honk, if ya know what I mean. 64 more words


Kuchisake-onna (Slit-mouthed Woman) -OR- How to Be a Bad Parent with One Dragging Step

I have mentioned before, somewhere, that in my house we actually enjoy reading aloud to one another. Yes. We are weirdlings.

My husband is a big fan of horror stories and urban legends and such fare. 399 more words


Spam and Eggs #2

Good morning, ladies and gents. Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a spot of tea if you prefer) and have a seat. Your Spam and Eggs… 318 more words


Dear Zoe,

I am trying to think up a suitable reward for you. I mean, what you did? That was so above and beyond the expectations of friendship. 41 more words



Martin hadn’t ever seen a spaceship before, but he had heard one land once, in a field behind his parents’ house. It made a sound like when you’re under water in a pool and someone dives in right next to you. 621 more words


About that tampon...

Ooooooo-kay. I’m going to tell this story. If you like it, feel free to click the little “Like” thingy and tell me how funny and subversive and funny I am. 505 more words


Fuck you, copy cat. Whoa-a-oh-a-oh-whoa-oh!

Have you ever had someone in your life who seems to copy you? I mean, for instance, let’s say you have a weird sort of “malady”, like recurring sleep paralysis, and you tell them about it because, hey, that’s some freaky shit right there, and, lo and behold!, they have it, too? 148 more words

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