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Woman in levitation shocker!

A woman last night made a sensational, as yet unverified claim that she has developed the power of levitation and that she can literally walk on air. 395 more words



How far in do we go?

To justify our promises so notorious

With lips entwined

Together we roll so refined

Working all through the night… 74 more words

Embrace The Silence


turn it down

pick yourself up off the ground

no more hate no more lies

embrace the silence in my eyes


turn it down… 85 more words

Close My Eyes

No rain! Just another hot day, she closed my eyes when the sun was going down.
Didn’t see it coming, she had a flair it would seem for that kind of thing. 88 more words

I Surrender

I surrender

fall at your feet

I’m yours

eternal night coming

when I look in your eyes

full of tears

full of surprise

breathe deep from our kiss… 58 more words

My Life, Here

Saviour songs, juggling with playlists and tales

poems and more

all for the want of a lifelong adored

its broken

got the power running inside me as the gods walk beside me… 195 more words

A Totally True and Completely Accurate Story

Sorry for the last post, where I was a grumpy gus. I’m over myself now.

So, to spare you from my maudlin-ness (I’m pretty certain this is NOT a word, but that’s okay. 607 more words