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Of Sarcasm and Morbidness

Let me be honest about what brought me here. I had to start a new blog because I couldn’t open my old ones. It makes me sad a little bit because I did work hard on those. 278 more words


Sudden realization

I realized while sitting in a parked car in a Home Depot parking lot for around an hour and a half, that I just may be a teensy bit crazy…. 55 more words


That's... Disturbingly Specific...

The Infinite Machine Tumblr page posted an image of this creepy memorial:

The memorial commemorates the victims from the town of Zabalj, Serbia who were slain in 1942 during a raid by the Hungarian Axis forces. 101 more words


The Third Floor - Part 1

Greetings, Dreamers!

Yes, I am finally back to my normal self, despite recovering from a dislocated finger! One of the most annoying maladies that a writer can endure!  2,007 more words


The Shiny Hiney and Some Adorable Babies

A few months ago, my sister and her husband purchased a company called The Shiny Hiney.  It’s a cloth diapering company and they have a pretty cute logo! 172 more words


A Little Obsessive Behavior Makes The Whole World Weird

I’m a pretty firm believer that everyone gets a smidgen hung up on a certain something, from time to time.  For instance, ever since I got it, I’ve been managing my iPhone’s battery level obsessively. 579 more words


How Facebook Protects Us From the Common Cold

This is how my mind works. I see a bit of science and then my brain starts making connections, not all of them logical, mind you. 618 more words