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'No matter what'

“No matter what!
That’s the problem, right? With everything, or say, in everything. You decide something, and then you absorb yourself in it. Inside out, you keep moving ahead, telling yourself, reminding yourself that very thing. 113 more words

#008 - POWER UP: FOOD!

KAPOW! I look terrifying, sorry.

I am buzzing, I feel like a whole new level of happy Iz. Seriously! It’s amazing what this experience has done for my self-esteem. 87 more words

My Journey

Adventures In Laundering

“I can’t just let it go, that’s how things start to fester. Dad has a bad day at work, yells at mom. Mom feels frustrated and annoyed, yells at the kid. 541 more words


Really though?

Honestly, I feel stupid right now. Stay tuned for my next ‘Confessions’..


So, you don't fit in? Here are my thoughts on why you shouldn't...

This “not fitting in” topic is MY domain…I’m an expert on this not fitting in stuff.  Always have been.  Picture this…as a kid I lived with my grandmother.   1,142 more words

the weirdo who longs for some ketchup

I try to buy some ketchup for over a week but every time I go to the store I don’t know where to find it. I panic. 18 more words

Motivational Monday | Be Original

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. My whole week was quite eventful and productive – with details I’ll have to share later. 524 more words