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Weird Swap Underway - this is a network for job and service swapping

Basically this is a slapped-together website, hooray. If you need to swap a job, indicate your location and your job to be swapped. You can advertise a job, a specific need, a specific item needed, a specific skill needed. 1,117 more words


So, this is what I'm raising.

A shirtless weirdo who smushed her face into Tupperware and makes ‘monster’ noises on the regular.

I think she’s amazing.

Everybody Is Somebody's Weirdo

In the last few months, I’ve really felt something bubbling up inside of me. Something dying to get out. It was as if I were being pushed towards doing something bigger with my life, or at least, something much more. 992 more words


"Oh my god, that hair!"

The interest in the site of the day has slowly started to fade, but the continuing messages Jess gets us back in. Lets be clear that Jess is not responding to each of these guys with interest, in fact I think she’s only responded to one guy and this is probably the fault of Psycho Guy, as I named him. 513 more words

Like, hello again.

You can always skip this very unimportant post. 110 more words


I'm Weird, But I'm Myself

Ever experience a situation when everybody seem to notice something different about you? For some reason you feel weird, right? That’s okay. You should stop thinking too much and just focus at the task at hand. 158 more words


Death Becomes Her.

*Provided I don’t get hit by a bus or choke on a cashew, two things that almost killed me this week.

This post is going to read like I have psychological problems, so I’m going to come right out and say that I am totally content with my life as it is and there is no cause for alarm. 293 more words

Story Time