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I think I have a problem

I like being alone. I want to be alone. But when someone doesn’t invite me somewhere, I get upset.

Fucking Flatmates.... >_<

Honestly, living in a flat is sometimes like living back at home with your parents. Having to ask if a friend can stay the night, that’s a bit ridiculous don’t you think? 304 more words

Weirdo.... again !

Sympa les toilettes à la turque sur le campus de l’université chinoise… du jamais vu :p Pas de papier non plus…Ah. Il y a juste des milliers d’étudiants qui viennent ici chaque jour… 105 more words

My partner just call me “nerd”

Yeah, that’s right…

(It was regarding a tv program about couples that was the other day on TV)

In the beginning I felt offended (totally dignified… ) but then I saw the program and actually …I’m kind a nerd! 483 more words

My Babe is germaphobic

I bit my babe and she started freaking out. I told her i was still hungry xD It toke her a long time to settle down then she just stared at me like i was weird o.O lol

About Me C;

This is what stopped me playing games today

Yesterday there was a bird in my backyard. It was a dove. Not one of the cool white doves that magicians pull out of hats, but one of these things. 667 more words

Real Life

weirdo #2

Step by Step, and Day by Day, WE Put One Foot In Front Of The Other and Move Forward. NOW, WE are Further Away From Our Past, and One Step Closer To Our Future. U and me lmk