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Weirdo on the bus - old poems 2008 v

Weirdo on the bus
breathes heavy

I politely ignore

Your tar-black eyes

Weirdo on the bus
hums to himself
sings to us all
A warning… 30 more words


Report from the Evening Commute - Sept. 16, 2014

Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

A man tried to catch up with his girlfriend during their evening commute, while talking about a little of this and a little of that. 198 more words


11 Ways To Become The New Office Weirdo

With the job market slowly gaining momentum, people all over the country are starting new jobs in new places, taking on new responsibilities, and revealing their personality disorders to terrifying new strangers. 439 more words

You had me at "paranormal"

Forgive the cheesetastic Jerry McGuire reference there in the heading, but that’s part of who I am and my humor.  So why am I apologizing for it? 1,170 more words

Just Wendy


I’m just another weirdo that wants to be prepared to na possible end of the world, not that I have a bunker or anything,but I would like to somehow be able to survive if anything happens, since I do love to live.


dog house day afternoon

i want to dedicate this post to every dickhead on craiglist that has ever thrown out a ridiculous offer, kicked tires, no showed, been a weirdo, or annoyed me or any other normal seller who has simply wanted to sell some shit online. 135 more words

It's almost midnight sweg!

It’s midnight in 21 minutes, I’m such a rebel, staying up late on a school night. Clap your hands if you’re impressed. *clap* (< click on that shit bitch, I had to make a YouTube research.) Funny story, once my high school art teacher gave us papers to read on which she had like written references and shit and on one she wrote ”you can find the full interview on U-TUB” I don’t care if you’re french or if we’re in a french speaking country mate, you lost all credibility. 493 more words