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Why am I weird: Fast facts 3.0

1. The weirdest thing that I cried about was the final walk of Miss Angola during Miss Universe a few years back.. read: PMS.

2. I like to bite the collar of my shirt whenever I type or browse or use my laptop. 138 more words

About Me

Don't dream it's over

This anxiety is suffocating me.
Anxious at home and at work.
Self destructive behavior becomes a product of my anxiety.
Self loathing on most days, self acceptance on a good day. 18 more words

What was I saying again...?

I’ve never been good at blogging, so I’m just going to pretend this is my journal I have next to my desk and that my fingers are my favorite pen. 241 more words


Vinyl Update: Melvins

According to exclaim.ca Boner Records is set to re-release four classic Melvins’ albums on vinyl.

As you can see, Ozma, Bullhead, Eggnog and… 107 more words



We all have that relative acting all weird all the time. Other of your family member will have a headache with him or her because of the language that he or she spoke. 352 more words

Daily Prompt

October 18/14 - The Breakfast Club

One of the perks of the job i guess……



I Don't Want to Be Right

Something that I have heard many times this past week or so was, “you’re so cool.” Newsflash people, the fact that I have a blog dedicated to my daily struggles and pet peeves makes me weirder than probably the Miley/Robin Thicke encounter at the 2013 VMAs. 808 more words