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To the kid that called his parent a weirdo

May you one day see how special those weird parents of yours truly are. When you thought it was embarrassing to be see with them, they where teaching you. 238 more words

True Self

Thin Line Between Weird and Different

I’ve always looked at myself and thought that I was weird. I never saw anything wrong with knowing how¬†quirky you can be but I’m starting to realize the negative connotation that is attached with being weird. 375 more words


High school – the green eyes monster.

I hate how high school makes me feel like a castaway.
I hate that i go to an gifted high school. 310 more words

High School

Impatience...my hamartia.

Well…the puppies were born on November 25th. ¬†There were five boys and three girls!

We know which one we want, and have put it out into the Universe that we have claimed him, if that is in fact “our” puppy. 463 more words


A Peculiar Fear

You know how you hear stories about prisoners digging tunnels out of their cells with spoons or whatever else they can get their hands on? I wont ask my first stupid question, which is how do they do it without the tunnel collapsing around them, because I don’t want to seem like a complete moron. 215 more words


He wears a denim jacket with fur. He’s always late. His name is Eric but he looks Italian. He’s about to become a doctor and he smokes.