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The Welcome to the NHK complex

To those who are avid or life-long anime watchers you have probably seen Welcome to The N.H.K. If not, I recommend it to you. Welcome to The N.H.K is an anime series (obiviously) about  a guy named Sato who is a hikikomori which is basically a person who never leaves home.   243 more words

Via Anime Insider: Yusuke Yamamoto (February 2007)

Welcome to the NHK director Yusuke Yamamoto remarks on his motivations in working on the project, which he describes as eschewing popular sci-fi and moe elements in favor of a comparatively more everyday story.


The Series Regular #033 - Welcome To The N.H.K (Part 2)

We look back on Welcome To The N.H.K, and ponder where it all went wrong. 28 more words


The Series Regular #032 - Welcome To The N.H.K (Part 1)

So, fine. Maybe Evan doesn’t like Welcome To The N.H.K. But why would you trust the opinion of a filthy hikikomori? 28 more words


AMV chronicles #29: Bucket Hats, Raglan Sleeves

Here’s an AMV I made a year or so ago. Not sure why it took me so long to put it on Youtube, but here it is. 338 more words


Welcome to the NHK Review

Tatsuhiro Satou has fallen victim to a conspiracy. A 22-year-old college dropout with no job, he spends his days sleeping, smoking, drinking, and all around goofing off in his apartment which his parents are paying for. 480 more words