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Welcome to the NHK Review

Tatsuhiro Satou has fallen victim to a conspiracy. A 22-year-old college dropout with no job, he spends his days sleeping, smoking, drinking, and all around goofing off in his apartment which his parents are paying for. 480 more words


Anime Club: Welcome to the NHK

Hellop everybody! Today we have the conspiracy filled anime Welcome to the NHK.


DIRECTOR: Gorō Taniguchi

EPISODES: 50 episodes

GENRE:  474 more words


Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK is one of many anime that deals with the concept of “NEETs”. NEETs are people, often young people aged between 20 to 30, who are “Not in Education, Employment, or Training” (hence the NEET acronym). 324 more words


Welcome to the NHK

It’s strange how reading the same work can make you feel so differently over a span of a few years. I watched the original anime series in high school.  447 more words


Episode 51: Welcome to the NHK


Originally Posted: 5/5/2013 as the last episode of Series 1!

Download Link: http://1drv.ms/1n233jH

The inner life of a recluse has never been quite so depressing and hilarious at the same time. 17 more words

Welcome to the NHK Review (6/2012)

Very rarely do you come across an anime that not only tugs at the heartstrings, but also leaves you in stitches. Very rarely is there an anime that has serious heart, yet takes itself lightheartedly as well. 1,336 more words


My Misanthropic Anime Playlist: Depression, Misanthropy, and Lonliness in Anime

Ever feel melancholic? Depressed? Worthless? I have had periods like that and they are usually miserable. Luckily, as an anime fan, I get to a medium that sometimes feels the same. 705 more words