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Hannah Barton

Hello visitors, My name is Hannah.

I’ve always adored the classic fairy tales and fables regardless of my ages, but I probably got intensely into reading and writing during that horrific twilight phase, now before you judge, you must know I didn’t love the story as such, but more so the intensity (and I just plain hated the films), this was also around the time I began my true love in reading; Graphic novels. 24 more words


My filing cabinets

The best way to explain to everyone how my brain is working at the moment is with filing cabinets.

Imagine a giant room filled with filing cabinets. 654 more words


What is a Golden Brain?

Technically, the Golden Brain is an international science award. For the purpose of this blog, a Golden Brain is simply a brain that does not stop growing in a figurative sense. 165 more words



Hi there! I’m the Girl Of Many Mysteries but you can just call me Sakura or something along those lines :). Anyway, what do you want to see in this blog? 175 more words

About My Day


“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”- Mark Van Doren

Welcome, this blog is designed to be a professional development resource for secondary school teachers regarding best practice in Inquiry Learning. 46 more words

Inquiry Learning

Welcome seeker, night owl or deeply alone friend

Pleasure to meet you and pardon me for my selfish attitude.
By being alone, jobless and outdated with zero time restrains allows me to become a writer every night. 176 more words