Access 2 Advice busy being busy.

Access To Advice will be at the North West TUC Anti-Austerity march on Saturday the 6th September 2014 in Manchester. See attached poster.

We’ll also have our banner there and will be giving out leaflets to promote our… 77 more words

Welfare Benefits

Georgia's Cost of Refugees & Illegal Immigrants

August 21, 2014

From Georgia Insight,   August newsletter

  (This article is about Georgia and near-by area counties.  Our state income taxes pay for government benefits for illegal aliens, including schooling and welfare benefits.  555 more words

Property Taxes

Not another new section on the GMWRAG web site? - Er, "YES!"

GMWRAG is frequently overwhelmed with information and it’s sometimes hard to sort the wheat from the chaff or to know where to put it. So, inspired by one of our esteemed members, we have re-shaped our web site so there’s yet another little nook/cranny where you can find “stuff”. 67 more words

Welfare Benefits

It is time that the bedroom tax is put out of everyone's misery, government supporters included!

I recently published a post on the unintended consequences of welfare benefit sanctions. While away on annual leave I missed a report published by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about the failure of the Spare Room Subsidy regulations to achieve stated objectives and the unintended consequences. 360 more words


The gaps in the welfare ‘safety net’ and the scope for using judicial review

Desmond Rutledge considers the use of judicial review as a remedy of last resort in welfare benefits cases where the claimant is in financial crisis… 3,635 more words

Welfare Benefits

Welfare Reform Yin & Yang

I want to talk briefly about two contrasting stories from the continuing wacky world of welfare reform. One potentially positive intervention by DWP and also a second story providing evidence from the House of Commons about the growth of workers in receipt of Housing Benefit. 684 more words