Why are so many programmes about benefit cheats and not about bankers...

On BBC Three’s Free Speech on October 7th, a viewer asked ‘Why are there so many programmes about benefit cheats, when the ones who steal the most from the welfare state are the bankers and big corporations?’ 22 more words


Homerton Hospital 1st Annual Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Patient Conference

There was an excellent attendance at the 1st Annual Hackney Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Patient Conference on Saturday 18th October. The meeting was held in Clissold House, Stoke Newington; originally called Paradise House, and built by Jonathan Hoare in the late 18th century, it was inherited by Augustus Clissold in 1811, acquiring it’s modern name at that time. 800 more words

Sickle Cell Disease

Future GMWRAG meetings

A query was raised at the recent GMWRAG meeting as to where the next GMWRAG meeting will be held. Several local authority services also stated that as they were under threat they could not guarantee to be hosts in future years. 112 more words

Welfare Benefits

Materials from the Tameside meeting of GMWRAG.

Being firm fans of David Brent GMWRAG would like to afford you the opportunity to walk around with important documents from the Tameside meeting so you too can look hardworking. 112 more words

Welfare Benefits

Five Meet A Natural Ally

The Famous Five have been reduced to four members now; David, Giddy, Terry, and Little Michael Gove Aged 6.  The reason for this is that they sacked their fifth member, Willly, in the last episode for the unforgiveable crime of being Northern.  632 more words

Minutes of the Salford GMWRAG now available - Tameside meeting this week.

The minutes of the Salford GMWRAG meeting are finally available. We apologise for the delay in getting these out to you prior to this weeks meeting in Tameside. 100 more words

Welfare Benefits