Politicians should invest in housing even if it is merely to save themselves

In January, the National Housing Federation published its annual review, Home Truths, which said that 240,000 homes are needed each year to meet demand. In 2012/13 just 107,000 new homes were built, down 10% on 2009. 339 more words


GMWRAG in Stockport - an update

As previously confirmed the next GMWRAG meeting will take place in Stockport. We will post up minutes and the agenda as soon as we have them but we have been asked by… 161 more words

Welfare Benefits


In a perfect world, as far an individualist is concerned, we would all pick and choose where our tax dollars are spent. My preference would be that not one dime of my money is spent on the war machine. 491 more words


From 2012: Private Eye on Official Reprimand to Atos for Misleading Advertising

This was in the Eye’s edition for 20th April – 3rd may 2012.

Fit To Advertise?

Atos, the French outsourcing giant, is probably too busy counting the profit from its £108m-a-year contract to carry out health and disability fitness-to-work assessments for the government to worry whether the advertising on its website is legal, decent, honest or true. 220 more words


In which I think about words and their toxicity or lack thereof

This morning Maria Miller MP resigned as  Culture Secretary. This was not unexpected. She’d clung on for a week since being forced to apologise to Parliament for over-claiming expenses and for failing to co-operate fully with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards’ investigation into her expenses claim. 685 more words

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The case behind student child care costs

We reported that from 7 April, child care costs can be deducted from income for people studying outside the home.

We don’t always know why things happen in legal aid; but we now know what led to this change. 147 more words


Miller fiddles while the poor get poorer.....

While attention is being heaped on scrounger Maria Miller fiddling her expenses and her am-I-bovvered-sorry.. Iain Duncan Smith jumps to her defence by claiming she is a victim of a witch-hunt. 348 more words

Welfare Reform