Conditioned by Sanctions

I have just read the new Joseph Rowntree Foundation Round-up ‘Welfare Sanctions and Conditionality in the UK’ by Beth Watts, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Glen Bramley and David Watkins [1]. 1,265 more words


Evictions are up as welfare reform bites, but the DWP is in denial

One widely expressed concern when aspects of the welfare reform agenda were announced some years ago was that evictions would rise as landlords would find it much tougher to protect their income streams. 189 more words


Next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group

This is a reminder that the next meeting of the NWMHWRAG will be on Friday the 26th of September 2014 at 9.30am for 10.00am. 57 more words

Welfare Benefits

The agenda for the next GMWRAG meeting is now available

The next GMWRAG meeting will be held on Friday 10th October in Ashton under Lyne, Tameside.  The agenda is available here.

We’ve got guest speakers, plenty to talk about, lots of places to go for lunch and now the opportunity to contemplate the Tameside Council Offices too before they are demolished soon.  Everyone is welcome.

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Welfare Benefits

Rebelling Against the Bedroom Tax

Yesterday, a private member’s bill seeking to moderate and largely neuter the worst aspects of the bedroom tax won its vote as a result both of the Lib Dems siding with Labour and a large number of Tory MPs ignoring a three line whip (the vote went 306 to 231). 521 more words


Are welfare benefits exempt from bank charges under section 187(1) of the Social Security Administration Act 1992?

Desmond Rutledge considers whether the protection conferred on welfare benefits under Social Security legislation continues once those benefits have been paid into a current bank account. 3,870 more words

Welfare Benefits

Legal aid in welfare benefits cases

Our thanks to Nick Whittingham for drawing to our attention a case involving Kirklees Law Centre, which was refused legal aid to appear at an oral hearing of the Upper Tribunal in a welfare benefits case. 432 more words

Social Welfare