Vox Political: Parents Forced to Starve as DWP Stops Child Cancer Victim's Benefits

Mike over at Vox Political has a particularly harrowing tale of the sheer callousness and vindictiveness of IDS from the Cambridge News. The DWP have stopped the disability payments made for a seven year old boy, Tommi Miller battling cancer, as he is getting better. 198 more words


UKIP: Benefit Claimants Should Be Banned from Driving

This is another picture I found on the Slatukip Facebook page. Remember the mixture of outrage and hilarity the other week when Putin announced his new legislation in Russia banning transgender people, gamblers, thieves and perverts from driving? 26 more words


From 2013: DWP Toughens Fitness-for-Work Test

Maximus, who are due to take over from Atos as the administrators of the government’s fitness-for-work test, have tried to deflect criticism by stating that they are just following the DWP’s orders. 612 more words


Vox Political: Cameron Lies Once Again about the Benefit Cap

Mike over at Vox Political has pointed out the lies and inconsistencies in Cameron’s latest statement about the Benefit Cap. Not only is it set too low at £26,000, but Cameron has said he’ll lower it even further to £23,000. 249 more words


[PDF] Free food sources 2014/15 - London

A great piece of resource, compiled by HCLC, listing places where free food can be accessed.

Has list of Food voucher providing agencies as well. 17 more words

Free Advice

File On 4 - Radio 4 programme on benefit sanctions.

This weeks File on 4 on BBC Radio 4 features a 38 minute programme on “Benefit Sanctions”. If you haven’t heard it already it can be found at… 41 more words

Welfare Benefits

"The unbearable burden of being poor"

Article Link

This January 16, 2015 Daily KOS Article talks about the reality of being in poverty from the perspective of someone who has lived experience.

Food Assistance