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Have I told you about my Ninja moves?

I have been absent of late. November simply passed as one giant blur of activity with some added responsibilities that guaranteed blogging roadblocks.  Not that I didn’t try. 900 more words


How to Embrace Stress

It is infinitely valuable to know and master all those little tricks to help reduce stress. Too much stress damages all of a person – body and mind. 474 more words


Vegetarian Gumbo

I worked with a group of culinary and nutrition experts to develop this Vegetarian Gumbo recipe. Each trial of this recipe was bench and consumer paneled to receive feedback. 154 more words


How You Can Reduce Stress

Job stress is the number one leading cause of stress in the U.S.,its a leading factor in poor health, reduced creativity and problem solving ability, costing americans way more then it should, approximately studies say… 145 more words

Diary Day 15 - November the 28th

Snack: 1 banana=0g, 30g of pretzels=0.8g,

Lunch: coffee=0g, 1 piece of 85% dark choc=0g, bag of salted popcorn=0.05g

Dinner: diet pepsi=0g, 2 tuna mayo toasties: 4 slices of tiger bread=2g, 50g of cheese=0.1g, tuna mayo (40g)=1g… 327 more words


WSJ: Healthy aging - positive messages make our elders feel young and strong.

It’s time we copied traditional cultures who revere and honor their elders. See below how positive messages impacted a group aged 60-99:  positive “subliminal messages gave them as great an advantage as seniors in another study who exercised for six months. 396 more words