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Aromatherapy For Better Sleep Really Works!

Did you know that essential oils can help you sleep better? You no longer need sleeping pills if you are suffering from insomnia. Here is the best sleeping solution you are looking for…. 548 more words


Sugars; the enemy of my life.

So my first 21-day challenge ended a few weeks ago. Honestly? I did better than I expected myself to. But I wasn’t perfect. I had a blown out tire in New Orleans during that time and got really nauseated so I drank a ginger ale. 450 more words


Learning to Listen to My Body - What to Pay Attention To

I used to think that I could become whole without paying attention to what I eat. I am learning now that this is a mistake. It is a known fact that what we eat effects our physical well-being. 324 more words


Fallin' in Love Again

We always carry bags on a beach walk.
Bags to collect and carry away the evidence of a human centric mindset.
The evidence is always non-biodegradeable plastic in every shape, color and size imaginable washed in another day as a reminder of unconscious humans. 147 more words

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Nigeria's Most Dangerous States

Anecdotal data gathered from several news sites, blogs, social media, and the United States Department of State has revealed Nigeria’s most dangerous states in terms of bomb attacks, orchestrated kidnappings, armed robbery, political and criminal based murders, and other armed violent crimes. 121 more words

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"Are you serious?"

Are you serious?” That’s a sentence that I usually hear when I announce that I am about to partake in a form of physical activity. 326 more words


Friday Night is Burger Night

The weekend has finally arrived. I have had an extremely long and strenuous week, which included hectic Pilates sessions at gym and the launch of my blog. 476 more words