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First Stop ... Hong Kong!

The first thing you notice when you arrive in this huge metropolis is that you can travel very easily around the whole place and never need to go outside. 456 more words

"Concierto Por La Esperanza" (Great Valparaíso Fire)

You are cordially invited to attend this beautiful Classical Music Concert where you’ll be able to hear pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel, Ludwig van Beethoven, amongst others. 30 more words


A Stella Day!

Well looky who’s stepped into the camera for the sake of Stella McCartney! It’s a bit strange posting pics of me but my model was MIA. 191 more words

Good Night's Sleep

I don’t think we realize how much the a happy belly contributes to the feeling of well-being. Last night, pizza with jalapenos was on the menu for dinner. 213 more words


Feeling colors

Sounds like a strange, outlandish concept, but as I was meditating today, the feeling of color struck me. I was breathing in yellow, and breathing out red. 421 more words

Berkshire Hathaway - (11th of 13)

You should be fully aware of one attitude Charlie and I share that hurts our financial performance: Regardless of price, we have no interest at all in selling any good businesses that Berkshire owns. 135 more words

Karl A Hoffman

Prayer for UP Church | April 17th, 2014

Family and friends of UP Church,

Thank you for making space in your day to speak this prayer aloud. I’d like to invite you to submit your own prayers on behalf of UP Church that we will use as the daily prayer. 144 more words