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Do You Share These 5 Excuses for Not Saving Money?

As women we should have a better handle on money management habits but instead we have a better handle on the excuses that we use. It is time to eliminate the excuses and recreate new patterns that are life changing. 383 more words

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To Stress or Not Stress? That is the question...

TRENTON– In a world plagued with all sorts of different stressors, one cannot help but notice how stress has become one of those buzzwords that many people use or throw around, but few may understand. 826 more words

Feeling Frazzled? Ground Yourself with Gratitude

By JoAnne Foist

Since it’s the holidays, which brings both joy and stress in our lives, I thought it would be the prefect time to talk about that little “g-word” we hear so much about.   1,086 more words


Asian Sunday Chill.

Wise quotes from the East.

“It is love that makes the impossible possible.”

- Indian proverb.

“A rumor goes in one ear and out many mouths.

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