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We'll Meet Again

I’ve been on a little break this week but thought I should come back for a little Sunday music.  I thought that since this was the final one for the year that we end with a song that is associated with endings, … 224 more words

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The Final Episode of The Colbert Report

Still, the sad, lonely, jealous ego wants to be recognized, even in the promise of unending joy for all. It pities its own death. Is love without discretion to love everything or nothing? 528 more words

Saturday At The Movies

What a way to go! The Colbert Report says goodbye in style:


You will be missed.

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My DSP 3: We'll Meet Again

Song: We’ll Meet Again

Artist: Stephen Colbert (and nearly every other celebrity on the planet)

Year: 2014

Favorite Lyric: Keep smiling through, just like you always do… 164 more words


What makes me smile: Stephen Colbert's "We'll Meet Again"

Yes, my blog is called Not Always Smiling. But I sure do smile when something genuinely touches me. Last night, Stephen Colbert did just that with his show’s finale, and particularly, this song. 24 more words

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Not Goodbye, Stephen Colbert, But See You Later... And Thank You

Last night, Stephen Colbert signed off from The Colbert Report after almost a decade of some of the most incisive and brilliant political comedy we might ever see. 422 more words


The 'Colbert Report' Ended It's Magical Run Last Night With A Song & Basically Every Guest It's Ever Had

Stephen Colbert, like Jon Stewart before him, changed the way we viewed the news. Before guys like Stewart and Colbert, the news was portrayed in two ways: the gloomy, depressing approach that local and national nightly shows took or the jokey, light hearted approach that late night talk show hosts used. 204 more words