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Back and forth

Hey Zofties,

Real quick…. That Aaliyah movie though!!! Seriously, it wasn’t a good movie (I knew it wouldn’t be) but the casting… Like seriously!!! The casting sucked. 1,249 more words

I'm Feeling Amazing

It has been a while since I have updated you all about my fight with depression. The Effexor is working wonderfully. It is working much better than the Wellbutrin did last year. 214 more words


How rude of me. I know few people look at this blog (mainly because I don’t update like I should)
but it’s due time for a update. 220 more words

Fried Chicken and Cock Rings!!

Hey Zofties…

No introductions tonight… Let’s get down to business; there’s a lot to cover! ITS TIME FOR HOT TOPICS!!!! (Sashays to my seat)

Okay, so today my friend Darell blabbed his mouth and told my embarrassing moment for me. 1,191 more words

thoughts on medication

Some of this will be based on fact (the sources of which I cannot recall/provide as this is accumulated knowledge from my studies. My apologies), and the majority of this will be based on opinion/personal experience. 578 more words



So I got my first prescription of Bupropion aka Wellbutrin today.
Hopefully these will help me along my journey! We shall see. Bear with me as I bear with myself. 7 more words

Dear Generic Medication Side-Effects

I’d rather have a side salad or a side of beef
ride sidesaddle wearing a fig leaf
grow sideburns sideways to my teeth 16 more words