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Dear Generic Medication Side-Effects

I’d rather have a side salad or a side of beef
ride sidesaddle wearing a fig leaf
grow sideburns sideways to my teeth 16 more words

The madness dilemma

After my California trip, as much as I loved it and was glad I went, I crashed. Crippling fatigue, leg pain, headaches, and most of all, generalized anxiety that just built day by day. 103 more words

Chronic Pain

Stormy weather

The weather in my part of the world has been messed up lately.  Two weeks ago it was sweltering hot, spaghetti straps and flip-flops weather.  A week ago people were wearing boots and winter jackets.   489 more words

My Friends and Their Boring Addictions

A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking again (and it’s not me).

The thing is that every time this guy tries he reveals himself to be a socially-awkward, overly anxious sort of fellow who has no idea what to do with his hands in public and even less of a clue as to how to handle his nervous energy.   253 more words


Serotonin Finds My Ego

I met with my psychiatrist yesterday about possibly changing up my meds. She asked me how I was feeling back on Prozac and I told her I was feeling a lot better. 225 more words


Hoping for change tomorrow!

I am soooo hoping for a med change tomorrow. I called my doc yesterday, and he was out today, but I’m 100% for sure getting a call back tomorrow. 204 more words

Building Rome, Revisited

It has been since my birthday on August 11th since I have participated in Building Rome (which is brought to us by Green Embers, and you can get started… 365 more words