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Things Have Indeed Gone Wrong

I made a video for my blog about the Vitamin Therapy I’ve been using to treat Pyroluria & Under-methylation… but the soundtrack was ruined (the voice didn’t match up with my mouth). 486 more words

Medications- Part Two

Continued from Part One: http://rosesstory.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/medications-part-one/

When I was first put on meds, at 9, I told the doctor and my foster mother that I would not take them. 1,396 more words

Prescription drug use now causing more driving fatalities than alcohol

According to a study published in the Public Health Reports, driving under the influence of prescription drugs is becoming a large problem in society, causing more fatal driving accidents than ever before. 377 more words

Prescription Drug Addiction


“That was kind of bitchy.” Liz said.

“Was it?” I asked. “Oh well, I’m a bitch. That’s my new policy. Just embrace the bitch.”

I put my hands in the air, Nixon-style, and yelled out in the parking lot, “Alone forever!” 541 more words



Please note, as you read this post, I don’t have medical training of any kind and depression is a very individual thing. What I’m writing below is just my own personal thoughts and experiences. 1,363 more words

Soul Searching

I'm Doing Special - Recipe

Yes, I’ll say it again – I’m doing special.  I have no freaking clue what that means but I’ll give it a try.  Here’s the recipe of known ingredients: 139 more words


So, the Gabapentin isn't working that well

I’m on 300mg (I know, low dose, but my pdoc is being conservative because I’ve had reactions to anticonvulsant mood stabilizers in the past, like Stevens Johnson Syndrome with Lamictal) of Gabapentin and it isn’t doing anything. 1,124 more words