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Borderline Personality Disorder

My diagnosis was switched last week from bipolar disorder to borderline personality disorder. Still listed with depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. Borderline makes alot more sense to me, it fits almost perfectly with what I go through. 121 more words


med check

been taking my meds daily. maybe not exactly on the clock but taking them. yea, including day three of of Prozac.

so I’m on Wellbutrin mg x2 daily, 3x.5 clonopin, 3x20mg adderall, 20mg Prozac and my weed so I’m just a FUKN winner… 82 more words

Officially off the meds

Three weeks ago, my therapist and I discussed my plan to switch to Wellbutrin because the Zoloft all but killed my libido, but I also told him that I was playing with the idea of going completely off. 568 more words


dubbed unforgiven

that dumb pill….

I’d like to thank Prozac for ruining any decision making from here on out…

I will never see myself the same way again. 743 more words


Brain pain

Well after five weeks I couldn’t handle 300mg Wellbutrin, it made my head hurt so bad I wanted to jump in front of a truck. I’m not talking headache, I’m talking those wierd brain pains mentally Ill people get. 502 more words


Hey There, Stranger

It’s been a while. I am on the road to recovery, even though my house is not completely virus or bacteria free quite yet, I am beginning to see the light. 316 more words


Weight Loss

I’m in a bit of a predicament these days. I am use to psychiatric medication packing on the weight, but I have been taking an antidepressant medication called Wellbutrin. 328 more words