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High Five for Bees

Know what’s awesome?  Bees.  These fuzzy little cuties are critical to our survival as many of the foods we eat require their pollination services.  Fruit trees that are frequented by bees produce healthier and fuller fruit than their tree cousins who don’t invite them over for pollination parties. 221 more words


If you read my blog you know that there have been some long pauses lately between posts. As can happen from time to time we can get busy and certain things fall to the wayside. 1,891 more words


The Skinny on Body Fat

I think this is a topic which seems basic enough, but is actually a lot more confusing than most people give credit.  The majority of adults want to lose “weight”, and while some can differentiate between losing fat mass vs. 739 more words


Pad Thai

Every now and then, it’s fun to feel like you’re making something special for dinner. I have a couple dishes that I like to whip out when I want to look like a mean cooking machine and this Pad Thai is one of them. 106 more words


Wait, what time is it?

Just looking at some trail marathon training plans… I’ve learned one thing, and it’s NOT that this is going to take a lot of running… In my research, I’ve learned:



Molding My Reality

In life, I have found that a large portion of our days are controlled by our reactions, inactions, attitudes, and etc. in order to change and upgrade ourselves, we must expose ourselves to something new. 107 more words