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Being Clear and Specific Won’t Leave Trash in Your House

My fourteen-year-old son has chores around the house, and one of those chores is taking out the trash. When he was first given this responsibility, I told him, “Please take out the trash before I get home.” He said, “Okay Mom, I got it.” When I arrived home, I looked around, and the trash was still in the house. 139 more words

Wellness & Office Morale

Priority Management and Time Tools

We all experience day-to-day changes in work prioritization, but where do these priorities come from?

1. Key Result Areas a.k.a. “Big Rocks”: Areas in your work and personal life in which you… 277 more words

Wellness & Office Morale

Don’t Argue Over BBQ Sauce: A Missed Opportunity for Customer Service Excellence

My fourteen-year-old son and I were at a fast food restaurant, and while we waited for our order, another customer went back to the counter and asked for another packet of BBQ sauce to eat with his chicken nuggets. 273 more words

Wellness & Office Morale