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You Hear That? That's Your Body Speaking...

by: Caress Roach

“You can do it…push yourself…keep going…DIG DEEP!” says the super pumped professional fitness class instructor, as I vigorously take breaths to sooth the discomfort that my chest is in from working out. 281 more words

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Freshly Squeezed

Don’t you find that when you get sick is when you have the LEAST time for it?

I’ve stocked my office with fresh lemons and ginger and am using the kettle like I own it to try to get better before my big upcoming work event. 12 more words


"HER" — I'm in love with an OS

The other night I watched the movie HER and this was definitely a crazy one. The movie is about this man who falls in love with his operating system. 363 more words

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Tips for Waking Up!

Written by Will McInerney

Winter break is a much-needed time to relax and catch up on lots of sleep. But as the new semester kicks into gear, early morning classes can leave some of us groggy and half-asleep. 625 more words

Wellness Wednesday

hope floats - infrared sauna and floatation therapy

From reading countless health and wellness blogs, as well as hearing many customer questions and comments, I have really wanted to try an infrared sauna. I googled this specific type of sauna and as it turns out, there is an infrared sauna right here in Bethesda! 1,141 more words

Wellness Wednesday

Defining Wellness

Wellness isn’t going to a yoga retreat or eating granola.  Wellness isn’t just exercising and eating well, it’s about the total self and finding that balance in all dimensions of our life.   25 more words

Project Happiness

Holy Grail Item - Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey y’all hey! It’s Wellness Wednesday (duh!).

I want to give a quick (ha!) rundown on a must-have item: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been used since 400 B.C for it’s amazing health qualities, stemming from the “mother”. 511 more words

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