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How to be a Number One A-Grade Client and Why You Should Be One.

 Here’s how to be an A-Grade client (yes, these are based on first hand experience):

  1. Turn up to your appointment on time.
  2. Complete the home reinforcement your body asks for.
  3. 485 more words

WW5 - Why Use A Strap?

Just like yoga blocks, straps benefit both the new and experienced yogis.  Here are four ways to utilize a strap:

To Reach Your Foot -  408 more words


American Heart Association


Short Summary of Company:

AHA wellness: “The American Heart Association’s Worksite Wellness Kit encourages companies to give employees an excuse to get away from their desks.” 442 more words


Healthy Habits

They say if you do something for 30 days, it becomes a habit. Well, I’ve got 25 more days before taking my daily vitamins will hopefully no longer be an after thought. 374 more words



Short Summary of Organization:

“There’s a good chance your employees are unhealthy. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about—employers at large companies are paying 36 percent more for health care than they were five years ago—but it is something that can be fixed. 595 more words


Apple Cider Vinegar is your liquid gold

It really is. This humble vinegar has so many health properties that its like an age-enhancer, first aid kit, wellness promoter and natural remedy for ailments liquid all sitting in one bottle looking innocent. 195 more words


Short Summary of Intervention:

“When you partner with HealthFitness, we work collaboratively with you to develop a strategic plan for program implementation, which includes a cultural assessment and an operational plan. 267 more words