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Female, Love-sick,

sweater wearers,

hail my call.

No tragic flaws,

well adjusted,

opens doors.

Seeks male comfort,

Must enjoy:

Flights of fancy,

tragic endings.


and vain conquests.

Welsh Poetry

LLYM AWEL (part 2)

LLYM AWEL ( part 2 )

Llym awel, llum brin, anhaut caffael clid;
Llicrid rid, reuhid llin;
Ry seiw gur ar vn conin.

The second phrase is ” llum brin” , “bleak hill”. 791 more words

Gillian Clarke, Una ricetta per l'acqua

Gillian Clarke, poeta nazionale del Galles, drammaturga, traduttrice (dal gallese), è certamente una delle figure centrali, più popolari e rappresentative della letteratura gallese contemporanea. Scrittrice anglo-gallese – la lingua in cui scrive è l’inglese – è tuttavia, senza alcun dubbio, profondamente radicata nella cultura, nelle tradizioni, nella lingua, nell’ambiente del Galles. 1,881 more words



Got’s a bindi on me head.

fashionable girl said.

Couldn’t give a toss,

needle till I bled.

Cause rich, but ain’t posh.

Got a sexual disease, 18 more words

Welsh Poetry

Hot Air.

Bloated mass of circle jerks,

a conviction shared soon becomes fact.

Never mind scientific pursuit,

we all agree, your point is mute.

Sod off reason, we’ve got ideals, 45 more words

Welsh Poetry


Painted brightly to hide the dullness,

speak through colours,

scream through customisation.

Insist on unpolished edges,

complexity of self-doubt.

Imagery of confidence,

hides lack of processes.

Zeitgeist is overwhelming,

Youthfulness determined.



This is a Haiku

Bit shit and underwhelming

I’ll be going now.