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Culture Vulture.

Gems have been polished and teeth have all rotted,

Watch flickering screens completely besotted,

Proudly displaying your narcissist bollocks.

Contradiction of terms in figures and words, 24 more words


Arrogant prick.

Everyone deals in their different way,
Some will be crude, rude or just eat too much food.

The creeping will continue to catch and strike tinder mind with its finger long match. 26 more words



The shields grew closer,
Flames seeking flesh.
Boots crunching glass,
Perspex clatters madly.

The barrels point down,
While towers climb higher,
Crystal teeth chiming,
As prosthetic arm grasped. 14 more words


Zanzibar... a poem about Newport nightlife

There was a set routine down our town,
Observed most Saturday nights.
We started off up Baileys,
Then down town towards the lights.

First it was the Murrenger, 91 more words

Fiction & Poetry


I’d rather be a closed book than an open one with the pages torn out.

In reality I’m constantly disappointed, forever intimidated.

But in my mind I can be strong, effervescent and colorful. 50 more words


Good Days.

Flawless figurine face,

Confident stature, the ultimate you.

You walk with keen pride,

Hunger alive in your eyes.

No matter the statistics,

The sniggers of the past, 21 more words



You push and you pull,

You make their lives hell,

while in your twisted mind,

Everything is so swell.

It’s pointless to try,

 But I’ve never shouted, 24 more words