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Sepia Memories (Clogyrnach)

Sepia memories, linger
Of the seductive heart singer.
His deep voice enthralled,
Emotions corralled.
My heart bowed.
The Ringer!

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Shared Spark ( Byr A Thoddaid)

Two hearts collide, a crash of love.
Accident or ordained above?
Two souls becoming one, the spark is shared.
Snared, as love finds its mark. 9 more words


Maiden Fair (Cywydd Deuair Fyrion)

O, maiden fair,
with golden hair.
You spin your tale,
slow as a snail.

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Welsh Poetry

Moon Dance (Cyhydedd Fer)

The wind whispers across the lake,
as the moon dances in its wake

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Cyhydedd Fer: … 6 more words


Find Good (Byr A Thoddaid)

As rainbows of life arch across the sky,
Why do we see dross?
Fixated on the negatives we see.
We should choose to find good, don’t you agree? 113 more words


True Friends (Cyhyhdedd Hir)

True friends are rare
They love to share
Treat them with care
Never let them part

They bring you smiles
Go extra miles
They’re without guile… 15 more words


Analysis of 'A Welsh Testament' by R.S. Thomas

A ‘Welsh Testament’ is written about the ‘invasion’ of Wales by English tourists expecting ‘peace and quietness’ in the Welsh countryside, completely disregarding the Welsh people and their way of life. 647 more words