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Bore oes i Iesu Grist


O Iesu da, ‘rwy’n dewis dod,

I eilio’n ŵyl, dy deilwng glod,

Fy nhelyn fach a greaist Di,

A’m gweddi yw, cyweiria hi

2… 124 more words



In his The Story of Christianity, David Bentley Hart repeats a story popular in the early days of Christian asceticism, told to demonstrate the moral strength of early desert ascetics. 515 more words


National Poetry Month

It is national poetry month and though this blog is intended to celebrate the achievements of heroine’s throughout history, this first poem-post for National Poetry Month concerns those who battle against the hero within and find themselves lost in a struggle for life itself. 214 more words

National Poetry Month

Spring Sings (Rhupunt)

Spring sings her songs
While Winter longs
Just to belong
To verdant days

The Summer sun
Hits horizons
With tons of fun
We stay heat dazed… 123 more words


Old Age


I’m not old yet but I’m bored – my brain is
Grey gravel, one crass chord,
Imagination well stored
With aspirations ignored.

I’m not old yet and is this it? 184 more words


Working Class Heroes - Commemorating 30 years since The 1984/85 Miners' Strike

Back in 1984 the miners fought their own cold war

Secret documents now unfold

The truth at last it will be told.

It’s 30 years since that debilitating strike… 165 more words

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At Bed

This is a poem based on the Welsh englynion style:

Wind rattles window raw, door back clatters,
Nature knows harsh attack,
Branches break like woodman’s hack; 85 more words