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[Red Velvet Riddle Series] The Lamp

The Lamp

Author Dreaming Girl || Leght Drabble || Rating Teen || Genre Mistery, Horror, AU!

Red Velvet’s Son Seunghwan/Wendy



This story is full Wendy’s POV, inspirited by a Riddle that i don’t know the name… 339 more words


Event 10: Fat Mums curry and board games night

Fat Mums is the name of the loose-knit running group I co-founded about a year and a half ago.

We should probably rename it fit mums though: Wendy, Jean and I couldn’t even run 1K when we started, but now Jean and I have both done charity 5Ks and Wendy has a couple of half-marathons under her belt! 881 more words



Title: Holler
Author: Pritha.Z
Cast: Mark Tuan & Wendy Son (RedVelvet/OC/You)
Genre: school life, friendship, romance, fluff (semoga--)
Rating: PG-15
Length: Ficlet…
1,368 more words

Irene RV

Happiness - Red Velvet Lyrics [romanized, english, hangul] (행복 - 레드벨벳)

Sometimes, you gotta be bold!
Just rock the world! Boo-yah~

Lalala Lalala Lalalala (Happiness)
Lalala Lalala Lalalala
(Are you happy? Uh~)

gomineun Blow up
kkulkkulhan gibun Change up… 884 more words


Be Natural - Red Velvet feat. Taeyong of SR14B Lyrics [romanized, english, hangul]

Oh baby come, come, come
I’ll be there for you

Oh i maeume inneun sesanggwa
boyeojineun punggyeongdeulgwa
neukkil suga inneun modeun geot
Oh aicheoreom utneun eolgul… 971 more words



Laki-laki apa yang kamu harapkan di masa depanmu nanti? 143 more words

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