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SM To Debut a New Girl Group From Their "Rookies"

Following the rumour that spread around about SM Entertainment to debuting a new girl-group, it turns out to be true!

Today, SM Representative told the media if the new group will planning to debut in August. 121 more words


Gabungan Konsep Dari SNSD dan f(x), Grup Wanita Baru dari SM Entertainment Siap Debut Bulan Depan

Sepertinya industri musik Korea akan kedatangan wajah-wajah baru untuk meramaikan persaingan antar grup-grup idola dengan grup wanita baru jebolan SM Entertainment di bulan depan!

Berdasarkan salah satu media berita Korea, Sports Chosun, SM Entertainment akan mendebutkan grup wanita beranggotakan 4 orang yang terdiri dari 3 wajah yang sudah cukup familiar di kalangan para penggemar yang menyimak proyek SM Rookies yaitu Seulgi, Irene dan Wendy – beserta satu member yang masih dirahasiakan dan dikabarkan bahwa ia disebut-sebut mirip dengan aktris remaja Kim Yoo Jung. 118 more words


Sometimes... I rhyme.

I have the tendency to write letters when, it’s much too hard to speak,
and sometimes you don’t read them, you don’t even sneak a peek. 129 more words


Musings on Video Lectures...

Summer is such a luxurious time to reflect on my teaching and get fired up to make improvements.  It is so nice to feel my excitement growing as I get my class materials together for the fall semester, which is only a month away. 330 more words


SweetBlack-Suzy's Holiday Part 2


Miss Of Beat R


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Suzy Miss A

SM Rookies


  • Label: SM Entertainment

****This is a compilation list of all the rookies SM Entertainment is showcasing currently, they will not be a group, but rather, this is a way to promote up and coming faces**** 265 more words


In Defence of Wendy Darling

In my theatre review of ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’ I explained why Wendy is such a great character and why she doesn’t need to be ‘feminised’ into a stronger character. 736 more words